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Letter to the Editor for October 2000

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Dear Editor:

Hurray for Councilperson Scott (Ward 6). It is so refreshing to have "new blood" on the town council and I'm certain that those whom she represents are very proud of her.

In reading her comments made during a recent council meeting, as quoted by the Gazette Community News, dated August 3, 2000, one can tell that she is new. When the current councilmember for Ward 4 suggested that the council hold an executive session to discuss negotiations with Eckerd, Councilperson Scott had the naivety to state "Don't you want community input on this?" Of course the current councilmember from Ward 4 didn't want to have community input nor does the mayor. The only input that they want is the input which bolsters their position. Why else would a petition be maintained at the town office for signatures AGAINST Eckerd. To allow the citizens to sign a "FOR or AGAINST" petition would not serve their position. Their position being to thwart the construction of a new building in order to save run down neglected buildings that have outlived their useful lives. Bad architecture, eclectic or not, does identify the town image as being mundane and archaic, which does not even reach the Mayor's minimal plateau of "Anywhere USA".

In any case, Ward 6 is again well represented by Councilperson Scott. Good fortune to her during her tenure. Hopefully it will be a long one.


Franklin H. Rafter II
4511 Oliver Street

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