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Comments, questions, contact

If you have comments or questions about content, formatting, links, etc. please contact us by e-mail at If you prefer, leave a message (for "The Website Committee") with the Riverdale Park town staff at (301) 927-6381, or send mail to

    Riverdale Park Website Committee
    5008 Queensbury Rd
    Riverdale Park, MD 20737


Please feel free to submit material to the site. Be sure to indicate where you think this information should be placed in the web site structure.

Editorial Policy for Submissions

We hope to have a written policy on what material can and cannot be placed on the site, but we've been more worried about getting the site up and running than on deciding what we will and won't accept for it. We do have some pieces of editorial policy so far:

  • Unless we are directed to do so by the town council, we do not plan to accept advertising on this site.
  • We hope to avoid getting embroiled in municipal political races by not accepting changes to council members web pages too close to an election.
  • In the case of questionable content, the committee will vote on whether to accept it. A simple majority is required to have it placed on the web site.

Formatting of Submissions

The absolute best format for submissions is as very lightly formatted plain text sent to us by e-mail. By "lightly formatted" we mean that you have put double returns to mark paragraphs and have marked italicized, bold, etc. text with appropriate html tags. Graphics are preferably in gif, jpg, or pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.

If you must, we can also accept minimally formatted word processing documents in most file formats. By "minimally formatted" we mean that another word processor than the one you wrote it in can read it in without loss of form. To test this, export your file to another word processor's format (for example, if you are using Microsoft Word, export to Wordperfect) and then import the file you've just exported. If it looks fine, we can probably manage to get your file up.

If you want to submit anything that is highly formatted (especially anything containing tables), please send a printout of what it should look like as well as the electronic submission.

Who are we?

The Website Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who work night and day to put the content youwant up here.

Most of the graphics on the site were done by Mike Gallup. He is also the architect of colors. Other graphics were done by Alan Thompson, but Mike had to keep bugging him to get the colors right.

Lissa Scott was the original web committee chair, but had to step down due to a conflict with her work. She's back now, though, and helping with content.

Gerard Kiernan has been our link checker -- he'll find any problems there are with broken or dead-end links. He has been busy most of this spring, but we hope he will be back on line soon.

Sarah Wayland has contributed huge amounts of content. Almost everything in the Town Groups section was written by her (with help from the leaders of the actual groups, of course).

Eric Obligacion, Marilyn Schoppet, and Chuck Schoppet helped out immensely at the beginning on deciding big questions about what services we did and did not want to support, what browsers to aim at, etc.

Most recently, Simon McNabb has joined us. He's turning his fresh eyes to the website to make sure that those of us who have been staring at it for months haven't overlooked something.

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