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Public Works Report for June 2002

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PW Schedule Changes

The new schedule changes started May 1, 2002. The Town has been divided into two sections. The first section is called Area A and defined as South of the middle of the road of East West Highway (MD 410) and West of the CSX Railroad tracks. The second is called Area B and defined as North of the middle of the road of East West Highway (MD 410) and East of the CSX Railroad tracks.

Area A will have garbage collection on Monday and Thursday, yard waste collection on Monday and bulk trash and metal collection on Thursday. Area B will have garbage collection on Tuesday and Friday, yard waste collection on Tuesday and bulk trash and metal collection on Friday.

The bulk trash limit has been set as three cubic yards or less before a fee is assessed. No discounts are available on bulk trash pick-ups.

We can now pick up tires, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers for a small fee. Senior citizens shall receive a discount on the fees for these special pick-ups.

To arrange for bulk trash or specialty item pick-up, call Public Works at 301-864-1803. Public Works would like to thank the residents for their cooperation in helping us make a smooth transition into the new schedule. For more information or questions, please call Public Works at 301-864-1803.

Tree Limbs

We will pick up tree limbs that are up to 6 inches diameter and up to 5 feet long. These need to be bundled and/or put in a container. The landfill will no longer accept these items. We have found a vendor who will take them for half the price of the landfill and will then compost them. This allows the town to save money and recycle at the same time.

Tree limbs are collected as yard waste. Yard waste is leaves, weeds, grass cuttings, and anything biodegradable from your yard. Please do not mix trash and yard waste together. Bamboo cannot be collected with yard waste. The yard waste vendor does not accept bamboo. It will have to be treated as trash. Please put bamboo out on bulky trash days for pick up.

Recycled Oil Tank

The recycled oil tank is a service for residents to recycle their used motor oil. Please do not put anything other than used motor oil in this tank.


The county charges a fee for your recycling whether you recycle or not. So please join the program.

The more the residents get out of the waste stream and into recycling, the more money residents save.

Recycling Buckets

Recycling bucket replacements can be obtained free from Prince George's County Office of Recycling at 301-952-7630.

Completion of Project

The contractor for WSSC that has been using town property on 47th Avenue shall be completing removal of equipment and restoration of this area by May 31, 2002. Although, this date is dependent on the weather.

Household Hazardous Waste

The County will hold a household hazardous waste collection day on Sunday, June 2, 2002 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Northwestern High School, 7000 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, Maryland.

Residents may bring common household hazardous waste items for disposal without charge. For more information, please call 301-883-5045.

Junk Cars

Upon written request, the County will remove junk cars from your property free of charge. For more information, call 301-952-1873.

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