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Neighbors Helping Neighbors in September 2002

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Recently one of our residents, David, was walking his dog at Riverside Field. There was a cardboard box on the ground and his dog walked over and sniffed at it. A cat's head appeared in the side hole of the box. David immediately picked up the box and took it home. There he discovered not only a full grown mother cat but, 3 baby kittens. He called Audrey who works with the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Group. She went to his house, took pictures of the cat family, sent out emails to her town list and asked for help in placing the kittens and mother cat. In less than 24 hours all kittens and the mother cat were placed in good homes. One resident suggested putting a poster at the Farmers' Market, but that wasn't necessary. Phone calls and emails came in so quickly.

This is just one of the reasons we live in Riverdale Park. It's a small town at its best. Thanks for all who helped with this project. If you need help or if you'd like to help with the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Group, email Abragg7393

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