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Council Actions Summary for December 2002

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  1. Approved ratification of the MOU previously executed between the Town of Riverdale Park and the owners of three properties located at Natoli Place and Rittenhouse Street.
  2. Approved ratification of the MOU between the Town of Riverdale Park and Pete and Joan Spiropoulos, owners of Dumm's boarding house property located at Riverdale Road and Lafayette Street.
  3. Approved Riverdale Park Mixed Use Town Center (Draft MUTC Plan) as proposed, provided that modifications to the section related to the two parcels are amended to be not inconsistent with the MOU's.
  4. Approved October 7, 2002 Regular Legislative Session meeting minutes. Motion to approve the October 21, 2002 Special Legislative meeting minutes was tabled.
  5. Approved November 4, 2002 Regular Legislative Session meeting minutes. Approved November 8, 2002 Special Legislative Session meeting minutes.
  6. Adoption of the Town Redistricting Plan was tabled.
  7. Approved permitted handicapped parking designation at 4606 Tuckerman Street.
  8. Approved extension of a six-month dance permit for the Alamo Restaurant, retaining existing restrictions.
  9. Passed establishment of a No Parking zone on the entire south side of Spring Lane.
  10. Approved new doors for Public Works, recommending that funds from PW 1.0 (Salaries), PW 3.0 (Tools & Related Items), and PW 2.1 (Vehicles & Equipment Maintenance), be put into a special account to pay for the balance of the contract requirement.Approved the expenditure of up to $300 for glass replacement at the MARC Station depot.
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