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Code Corner for September 2003

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by Colleen M. Ferguson

Monthly the town's Code Enforcement Department will list in the Town Crier a summary of the most frequently violated town codes. Residents' compliance with these codes will enhance the beauty of our town.

§68-1. Control of Weeds
Grass and weed height cannot be higher than ten (10) inches. This includes all areas of property: front, back, sides and sidewalk area. Penalty: Municipal infraction and/or contract public works department to bring property into compliance at owner's expense.§64-16. Junked Motor Vehicles Summary: A junked motor vehicle is any motor vehicle that is in a wrecked or partially dismantled condition. The wheels, engine, transmission, or any substantial parts have been removed, or is incapable of running on its own, or is unlicensed or bearing expired license tags. No one should junk a vehicle in the town. The owner of the property should not allow junked vehicles to remain on the property within the town. Exception/Exempt: Licensed motor vehicle dealers, motorvehicle mechanical or body repair facilities and towing storage compounds can store junked vehicles. Junked vehicles must be stored on the licensed property or enclosed garage. Penalty: Junked vehicles will be posted with an orange sticker which will advise that seven (7) days from posting, the junked vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense. A municipal infraction can be issued.

§15-6 Building Code
It is unlawful for any person to erect, reconstruct, repair or remove a building or structure within the town unless it is in compliance with the Riverdale Park Building Code. After receiving a Prince George's building permit, you must apply for a town permit. Call 301-209-1576 to see if your large/small home improvement construction needs a county and town building permit. Town of Riverdale Park building permits are 3/4 of the cost of the county permit (the town's minimum charge is $25.00).

Penalty: A stop work order will be issued and a municipal infraction will be issued.

§15-10. Permit to be Kept Posted on Premises
The town building permit must be visibly displayed on the premises (The front window of your house is usually the best place to show your permit.).

The Town of Riverdale Park's Code Enforcement Department can be reached at 301-209-1505 Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and every other Saturday. If there is an after hour code related emergency, call 240- 508-8460. The Town's code enforcement officers are Supervisor Colleen Ferguson and Aaron Locke. If you have any comments or concerns call 301-209-1505 or the Town Office at 301-927-6381. The town welcomes resident's concerns and views.

Colleen Ferguson is the town's Code Enforcement Supervisor.

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