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Trash Pickup

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Trash Collection Areas Map

Area A (blue):
Garbage collection on Monday and Thursday
Yard waste collection on Monday
Bulk trash and metal collection on Thursday
Area B (yellow):
Garbage collection on Tuesday and Friday
Yard waste collection on Tuesday
Bulk trash and metal collection on Friday

Specialty Items and Bulk Trash Fee Schedule:

Bulk trash three cubic yards or less free*
Between 3 and 4 cubic yards $25.00
Between 4 and 5 cubic yards $65.00
Over 5 cubic yards $125.00

(Three cubic yards is defined as volume that does not exceed three (3) feet in height, by three (3) feet in width, by nine (9) feet in length. If metals are separated out to a separate pile, they will not be part of bulk trash.)

Specialty items:

Tires $2.50 each
Dehumidifiers $5.00 each
Air Conditioners $15.00 each
Refrigerators/freezers $25.00 each
(State law requires doors be removed when set out for pickup.)

All seniors shall receive a twenty percent (20%) discount on these fees for specialty services.

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