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Minutes of May 7, 2001

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Town of Riverdale Park

Mayor and Council Legislative Session

Call To Order

The legislative session of the Mayor and Council was called to order Present were Councilmembers Herman, Donaldson, Tiberio, Davis, Gross and Scott. Also present were Police Chief Evans, Public Works Supervisor Donaldson and Administrator Prangley.

Pledge Of Allegiance And Invocation

The Mayor led the pledge of allegiance and read the invocation.

Approval Of Agenda

Mayor Ferguson asked if there was a motion to approve the agenda. CM Donaldson made the motion. CM Scott seconded the motion.

CM Tiberio made an amendment to the motion that items 4 - 8 be waived. CM Davis added that item 9 also be waived. CM Davis seconded the motion to waive items 4 -9. The motion passed unanimously.

CM Davis proposed the motion that a special legislative meeting be held on May 8, at 7pm to cover agenda items waived. CM Tiberio seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Election Report

The election judges reported on the evenings election:

There were 991 total votes

Mayors Race

Ferguson 450

Herman 521

Ward 1

Bailey 82

Feldberg 126

Ward 2

Blaschke 128

Donaldson 123

Ward 3

Davilla 83

Tiberio 127

Ward 4

Blades 66

Davis 139

Ward 5

Almirez 31

Ward 6

Grade 25

Scott 35

CM Davis made the motion to accept the judges report. CM Tiberio seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Ferguson thanked the judges for their service to the Town and its citizens. She noted that the new Mayor and Council will be sworn in the first meeting in June.

Public Comments



CM Herman made the motion to adjourn. CM Davis seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Minutes prepared from videotape by Mary Paradiso

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