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Minutes of November 5, 2001

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Town of Riverdale Park

Mayor and Council Legislative Session

Call To Order

The legislative session of the Mayor and Council was called to order. Present were Councilmember's Feldberg, Blaschke, Tiberio, Davis, Almirez, and Scott. Also present were Police Chief Evans, and Administrator Prangley.

Pledge Of Allegiance And Moment of Silence

Approval Of Agenda

CM Davis made a motion to approve the agenda with one addition. The motion was seconded by CM Blaschke. The motion passed unanimously.

Correspondence Summary


Town Administrator and Treasurer's Report

Mr. Prangley read aloud the Treasurer's Report .

Mr. Prangley informed residents that Public Works leaf pick-up schedule was published in the last Town Crier. Leaf pick-up would occur three times a week during November and December, weather permitting. Mr. Prangley announced that he is arranging for the recognition of two public works employees, for their work done on the Deputy Administrators office space in the back of town hall. Residents are encouraged to stop by and see the new space. The Town has applied for 911 grant money relating to the Office of Emergency Preparedness, regarding essential information for police, public works, and the town office, in preparation for security and other areas of public safety.

The motion to approve the Treasurers report, subject to audit, was made by CM Tiberio and seconded by CM Davis. The motion passed unanimously. There were no questions or comments.

Mayor's Report

Mayor Herman provided a Town Center update after reviewing information of it's acquisition on June 11th. The Advisory Committee is working to turn the Town Center properties into commercially viable properties. Several redeveloper submissions have been received, and a letter was sent to those still interested in bidding informing them that final submissions are to be received by November 21st . Several contractors may be asked to make presentations before the Advisory Committee, with the intent of entering into negotiations by January or February so that redevelopment can hopefully begin in the spring. The Town Center has been vacant since 1986. Updates will follow as progress made. Residents who are interested in participating in the Advisory Committee activities should contact the Town Hall and you will be notified of the meeting following the November 21st redevelopment submission deadline.

Most of the Riverdale Road improvements are coming to completion. There is a small delay with the light contractor who will be installing the 109 light poles, but those matters will resolve this week and the final phase will commence. Milling operations will begin soon and the asphalt overlay on the 8 block stretch should be completed in the next three weeks.

A young girl was hit by a car on Riverdale Road this past week. Fortunately the car was moving slowly and the child was not seriously injured, but motorists are urged to be extremely cautious. The Mayor explained that 500 children walk to Riverdale Elementary from the surrounding neighborhood and not all of them walk with an adult. The student's range in age from age 4 and 5 years old, up to 11 years old. Parents are urged to teach their children about safe paths to walk and to cross at cross walks. The young girl who was injured was crossing in the middle of the road, not at a crosswalk. The Mayor commended the police department and Sgt Adams who handled the situation commendably.

The Mayor said CM Davis will speak about the Town's request for National Historic Designation for Riverdale Park later in the meeting. CM Feldberg will report on the tree planting project later in the meeting as well.

The Mayor said he had the privilege of testifying before the Hyattsville City Council about the 43rd street improvements involving two speed humps (at a minimum), and the asphalt overlay completion. which is a joint concern for our Town and theirs. 43rd St hasn't had any improvements for over 20 years. Their council is deliberating this evening about jointly funding the project. It is hoped that work will be completed this fall.

The Town entered into a negotiated agreement with the State Highway Administration to replace two red light cameras that were taken down 19 months when construction began on Kenilworth Avenue. The Town was originally expected to pay the $15k reinstallation cost, but thanks to Secretary of Transportation Pocari (sp?), Richard Bastali of intergovernmental affairs, and Mr. Prangley and Chief Evans, who made calls to several people in the governors office about facilitating the agreement, the state will pay the cost with no expense to the Town.

The Mayor said other construction projects around Town will be completed in the next few weeks. Driveway aprons on the 4800 block of Somerset, and 5300 block of Powhatan will be completed over the next two weeks. The Council will discuss work on 54th Ave later in the evening, and updates on WSSC work there will be provided as well. Work on 57th Ave (Ward 6) will be discussed at a joint meeting between WSSC and the contractor. The contractor will do the work there in the next few weeks including the concrete work, with the asphalt work scheduled for spring.

Mayor Herman pointed out the October 17th issue of the PG Journal reporting that relief for Route 1 improvements are still a long way off, though design negotiations in College Park continue. He contrasted the Kenilworth Ave infrastructure project. which took 19 months at a cost of $1M. He commended the Town for cooperative efforts dealing with state agencies to do the work done around town. He noted that Mr. Shea of the Alamo Restaurant is preparing to make a nearly $1M investment in his property and shopping center as well.

Mayor Herman extended condolences to families who lost loved ones in the last week; Laurel Mayor Frank Cosoula, Mr. Maloney, Councilman for District 1 in PG County, Jerry Livingston, former Councilmember and Riverdale Park resident, and Jim DeMent, the owner of S&J's Restaurant who had been ill for the last few years.

Public Comments

Alvin Dumbrowsky, 5023 Riverdale Rd, a 49 year resident, said he was concerned about two issues. The first regarded an incident on September 20th that was first reported to the police at 8:14 pm. A car was sitting in the middle of the bicycle path near the concrete section by the river. He made a second call at 8:34 pm after no one came, at which time he was told it was not their jurisdiction and should be referred to the park police. The car left at 8:44 pm and a minute later a park policeman showed up. Mr. Dumbrowsky was upset that 20 minutes and another call happened before he was told there was a jurisdiction problem. He reported that a week earlier a Riverdale police officer approached car illegally on the path, and ended up arresting the driver because of outstanding warrants. He complained that there didn't seem to be a jurisdiction issue that night.

Mr. Dumbrowsky was also disturbed at seeing a car pulling in and then relieving and exposing themselves (a man and a woman) in front of kids trick or treating near the park on Halloween night. He made further comments a seeing an individual leaving an apartment to relieve himself against a tree and then return to the apartment he came from. He made several comments about people he'd seen doing things, saying he believed that some people don't understand our laws and what they cannot do here, and he wanted to know what the town was going to do to stop it.

Mayor Herman reminded Mr. Dumbrowsky about past conversations they'd had about the matter and about contacting apartment owners to help with the problem. Mr. Dumbrowsky said there was no response from the apartment owner and the issue hasn't been corrected. The Mayor said he would talk to Mr. Dumbrowsky and the apartment about the matter personally.

Maria Sobonia, (no address stated) responded to previous comments made by Mr. Dumbrowsky about immigrants, saying she was Hispanic, educated, clean and she respected America and it's laws.

Mosquito's and West Nile Virus Presentation

Mayor Herman introduced Janine Dorothy, an Entomologist, with the MD Department of Agriculture, who presented information about mosquito's and the West Nile Virus. Ms. Dorothy began by explaining their cooperative mosquito control program, which Riverdale Park participates in. The State of Maryland pays half the cost while the county and the participating municipality split the remaining cost. When contacted about participating in their program, Janine goes to the community to do a survey looking for breeding areas (stagnant water). Once determined what needs to be done, a cost estimate is submitted and larvae are killed in breeding areas from March through May (this segment is just county and state paid participation). The Town is done once or twice in spring, once every 2 - 3 weeks in summer depending on the weather - less water takes less time, the more rain the larger the breeding areas (ruts, puddles and grassy depressions in the ground are filled with water). Areas are treated into September.

The primary breeding areas in Riverdale Park have been identified as areas along Taylor, the levy along the park, and where the soccer fields used to be on the other side of the park, as well as several smaller areas around Town.

The old spraying program was discontinued 6 -7 years ago - it's the least efficient way to deal with mosquitoes and doesn't work well for Asian tiger mosquitoes which are a big problem here. From person to person there was support for, or objection to the spraying program. Now they kill the larvae where they breed and educate the public about container breeding mosquitoes and what they need to do.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is very small, black with white stripes and stays mostly stays down around a persons legs, biting during the day. The Asian Tiger Mosquito breeds elusively in containers (not at all in backed up creeks, puddles or ruts) so their program can't eliminate them. Asian Tiger Mosquito's can breed in a half a teaspoon of water. Larvae has been found in a bottle cap that had water in it. Bamboo is the native habitat of the Asian Tiger Mosquito. When a stalk breaks off, it holds water. Significant number of Asian Tiger Mosquitoes were found in bamboo this year.

The only way to fight the Asian Tiger Mosquito is to be sure nothing is in your yard, or on your property, that holds water. People clean up their yards but it must be done each week because the mosquitoes lay eggs and go from egg to adult in 5 days. People need to check weekly for anything holding any water at all (drain pipes, tires, buckets, wheel barrows, boats, anything sitting upright that can capture water at all - even a little piece of plastic can hold enough water. Ms. Dorothy provided handouts on how to deal with container breeding in yards.

West Nile Virus needs a lot of circumstances to occur in order to transmit the virus. The mosquito must live long enough for the virus to reproduce in the mosquito, then bite a human or some other live creature to infect it. There were four human cases in Baltimore this year (the first so far).

The disease is not particularly dangerous to most humans. Six to seven different mosquito species can carry the virus. Mosquitoes infect a lot of people, but if it didn't inject enough virus, or if the individual has a healthy immune system, they never experience any effects. If they do, most might only experience swollen glands, a sore throat, or a headache for a couple of days. A few will show symptoms of encephalitis and get sick enough to go to the hospital. Very few of those will die of the disease. The elderly, and others with immune system problems, are most vulnerable. West Nile Virus is not something most need to worry about. In next several years most will be exposed to the virus and once someone is exposed they're immune. It's not considered a big human health problem.

The Mayor noted dead birds with West Nile Virus were found in our town. Ms. Dorothy said approximately 150 dead birds were found in NE Washington and the DC suburbs so we're in the peripheral region where dead birds have been found.

The Mayor asked about using electronic devices for mosquito control and what else Riverdale Park can do as a community (aside from dealing with standing water) to minimize the mosquito population. He explained that some citizens can't even use their own yards because of the mosquito problem. Ms. Dorothy said she can't use her yard either because she has a neighbor with containers in the yard so they breed. She doesn't know of any other solution as the Asian Tiger Mosquitoes drive you indoors and nothing has been found that really works on them. Mosquito repellant products currently on the market don't really work on these. She said the EPA just labeled a new product and is not sure if it's available to the public yet, but it's coming. DEET works as a repellant confusing the mosquitoes chemical receptors so it doesn't know you're there. Mosquitoes don't like to land on oily surfaces so baby oil will work for some until it soaks into the skin, but mosquitoes still know you're there.

Ms. Dorothy has heard that mosquito magnets work, but there is no concrete evidence to prove it and nothing has been published though some have worked with them this year. An individual who works for their office and is in public health at Johns Hopkins is looking at using them in Howard County. The premise is, they use CO2 to attract mosquitoes which she said works, then they get into the machine and they die. She's not sure how but she believes it should work. The manufacturer says they cover up to an acre but testimonials on their effectiveness come from the manufacturers.

The Mayor asked her to discuss the chemicals used in their larvae program and potential environmental affects. Ms. Dorothy said they use three different products: two bacterial - spores of a bacteria specific to particular mosquito larvae. There are 63 species of mosquitoes in MD. One bacteria kills _ of them, the other kills the other _. They use them in different situations in granule formulation. The other product is Methprene, which is an insect growth regulator. She explained the growth stages in a life cycle and said when mosquitoes ingest a mimic of a juvenile growth hormone that they naturally have, but it creates a higher level than normal, which allows them to pupate, but not undergo changes they would need to become a flying adult insect and it kills them. It's very effective and comes in three forms: granola, pellet and bracket - all the same chemical. The bigger the formulation the longer it lasts (ie. a bracket lasts 30 days in a breeding area)

Ms. Dorothy said there are no environmental affects to humans, and very, very little to other mammals - it's a very low toxicity for them. The growth regulator hormone may affect other insects but in the places they use it, there's not much else there besides the mosquitoes. Dogs and raccoons have stolen bracket formulations and it never affected them.

CM Scott asked how mosquito over winter and how we can prepare against them for the spring. Ms. Dorothy said residents need. to clean up their yards. Half mosquito species over winter as eggs, which hatch when areas are flooded. The other half survive as adults in caves and underground areas that maintain a constant temperature, after which they come back out and lay eggs in spring.

Ms. Dorothy reiterated again that citizens must clean up their yards and eliminate containers that hold any water at all.

Ms. Dorothy said residents should notify her of areas around town they're concerned about and she'll check them. Comments were made about areas along Taylor and she said they missed that location for years but are aware of it now. She said they know some of the problems stem from container problems on properties along there.

Ms. Dorothy informed the council that the creek that runs behind the apartments off Tanglewood is disgusting in summer because it's knee deep with mud and trash. She suggested working with the Town of Edmondston to clean up that breeding area. Mayor Herman asked her for the information on letterhead to jointly address the matter with Edmonston.

CM Tiberio asked if there was such a problem as over treating. She said they only get back every 2 - 21/2 weeks in summer so you can't and they aren't legally allowed to because they can only use the amount designated. Homeowners can use BTI, the one bacterial product available to public but they have to be careful they're only treating their own property. People can get in trouble treating someone else's property.

Mayor Herman said the Town may experiment with the magnet program and asked Ms. Dorothy for correspondence addressing areas needing treatment.

Public Comment

The Mayor restated questions asked by residents in attendance because there was only one mic.

Someone asked if ponds could be constructed where the creek backs up, enough to locate some fish to address the problem. Ms. Dorothy said she wasn't sure of the rules on that but it might be worth looking into.

Someone asked about the effectiveness of Purple Martins and bats, to reduce the mosquito population. Ms. Dorothy said research about that is based dead stomach contents and when checked, the contents were less than one percent mosquito so neither are going to reduce the mosquito population very well. She added that fish do work well - if fish are in the breeding area, you don't generally have mosquito larvae.

BREAK for 5 minutes


Approval of Minutes

CM Davis requested that approval of the minutes for the October 1st Regular Legislative Meeting be deferred until next month because of corrections that needed to be made.

CM Tiberio made the motion to approve the October 29th Special Legislative Meeting Minutes. The motion was seconded by CM Blaschke and CM Feldberg simultaneously. There was no Council discussion and no public comment. The motion passed unanimously

54th Avenue Improvements and Traffic Pattern Changes

CM Blaschke explained that 54th Ave has been repaved, extending to Quesada, and said the Council was interested in addressing the problems and issues of concern regarding traffic flow in that neighborhood. Mayor Herman noted that most of the work on 54th Ave is complete, and there was a request by a resident for a particular improvement that the engineer will be looking at in the coming week. The final asphalt overlay has been delayed until other tasks were done. WSSC has contacted the town about installing a new waterline under the new roadway that had just been built, and noted that everyone was working to avoid them coming in to do work after road improvements were done. After discussions, WSSC said it wasn't necessary to start immediately since the present infrastructure isn't in need of updated right away. Work will continue and there are only a few issues to work out with the contractor.

Mayor Herman said the big issue remaining is whether or not traffic on 54th Ave, and the connection between Quintana and Quesada, should be one way or two way, and of how will parking be configured. He noted that discussions had begun two years ago, but there was no agreement about how to proceed. The two old options discussed were whether it should be one way from Quintana, going out Quesada onto Kenilworth, or if traffic should be two way from that location. Mr. Prangley and Chief Evans looked at the location the Chief recommended that the Town facilitate whatever choice that community desired.

Public Comment

Cassandra Wright, 5410 Quesada Road said her home will be directly affected by whatever choice is made. She suggested that a speed bump be placed at the intersection regardless of which option was chosen because of the little children living there, and visibility problems. Ms. Wright said she preferred one way traffic.

Arnold Powell, 5312 Patterson Rd, felt traffic should be two way, for safety reasons noting the location's many accidents, and that drivers block the intersection, backing traffic up both morning and evening. He said emergency vehicles would have extreme difficulty getting through.

Franklin Clark, a Quesada resident for 30 years pointed out that most accidents there were fatal. The Mayor assured him that whichever option was chosen, both would allow traffic to exit out of the subdivision onto Quesada, which would address their primary concern.

Lorraine Seville, 6202 54th Ave, said two members of her family been in accidents at that intersection. She stated that traffic coming in from Kenilworth was more dangerous, and believed the rise in the road creates a blind spot where drivers can't see when traffic is stopped, and the cars are coming from several directions. One block down creates better visibility. She prefers two way traffic.

Jean Clark, 6203 54th Pl, said she doesn't believe there's a sign prohibiting U-Turns at Quesada which is where she sees a lot of traffic making U-Turns - the traffic comes from Quintana and makes a U-Turn at Quesada. Mayor Herman verified that there is no sign prohibiting U-Turns at Quintana.

Pamela Cook, 6200 54th Ave believes the traffic should be two way. She'd also observed traffic going down EW Highway and turning around, otherwise vehicles sit at Quintana trying to get out. She said everyone blocks the intersection, including police officers, and reiterated earlier concerns that emergency vehicles would not be able to get to residents in their community. She agreed that residents need another way out of the neighborhood. The Mayor said the Town tried to get a traffic light there but were not able to because the State Highway Administration determined the proximity of the location was too close to the EW Highway and Kenilworth Ave.

Jack Jones, 4715 Rittenhouse Street, voiced support for two way traffic, and said he opposed to one way traffic, speed bumps and cul-de-sac's because of his experiences.

Terri Disio, 6201 54th Pl, said drivers ignore lights so she didn't feel one would make a difference and agreed it's impossible to get out of Quintana and 54th. She suggested a road getting out onto EW Highway, or buying land to get out onto River Road, because it's difficult getting in or out of their neighborhood using Quesada or Quintana. Drivers make U-Turns at Quintana even with a sign prohibiting it. Kenilworth construction made it even more impossible. She reiterated problems getting through lights because intersections are blocked and drivers ignore both lights and signs. The Mayor said the State Highway Administration wouldn't approve exiting onto EW Highway because of the two lane arterial road there. Other options may pose a longer term solution, but the current proposal was being discussed under a community development block grant, noting additional signage could still be discussed. (Ms. Disio made other comments but she'd stepped away from the microphone and wasn't audible.)

Jean Clark suggested that the Town buy the vacant lot between the house and auto shop pointing out that cars could go through the lot to the light. The Mayor said permission to put a street through a vacant lot would be the issue. He said whatever decisions were made this evening did not preclude further suggestions or solutions to traffic problems.

Cassandra Wright, 5410 Quesada Rd, asked if it was possible to get a speed bump installed whether one or two way traffic was decided on. Mr. Prangley said it is a possibility, but the current project is a jointly funded project, but a speed bump could be considered from the special roadway fund.

CM Blaschke asked where Ms. Wright was proposing speed bump be placed and she suggested placing it before 54th Ave near her home. The Mayor verified the location of her home in proximity to the existing barricade. CM Tiberio asked if a stop sign at the same location would be ok and Ms. Wright agreed. CM Scott asked if the town engineer might be helpful in considering the situation and the Mayor Herman said the problem was, once the barricade is moved a "monster is unleashed".

The Mayor asked the Council for a motion before public comment continued.

CM Blaschke made a motion that they approve that the ingress and egress will be two way from 54th Pl to Quesada. The Mayor said it would be from 54th Ave, from Quintana to Quesada. CM Davis seconded the motion.

Council discussion on the main motion continued after the Mayor pointed out that a stop sign or traffic control device is not part of the discussion.

CM Davis said she was present when the Town put in for the CDBG Grant to fix the neighborhood's land lock problem and noted the comparison to her own neighborhood, allowing residents to come and go with ease.

CM Tiberio said years ago during major snowstorms that section of town was closed off and severe medical problems occurred until the army had to come in to relieve the situation (1983 and 1984). He supported the motion. saying they needed to start the project with the two way traffic pattern and change it later if problems arose.

CM Blaschke asked the Chief for recommendations on traffic calming devices for the neighborhood. Chief Evans believed a stop sign would be a prudent first step, but thought the speed bump would be more effective (since people don't always obey signs). He doesn't anticipate great volumes of traffic through since there's no reason to cut through there if you aren't a resident or a visitor. CM Blaschke believes many think they can use it as a short cut to EW Highway but get in and realize they can't and then have to get out. The Mayor asked neighbors in attendance if they noticed this is a problem and suggested placing a "no access to EW Highway" sign at entrances. Comments were made by many about drivers not reading and/or acknowledging signs.

CM Blaschke asked where the stop sign would be placed, and the Mayor explained, east bound at the barricade coming from Quintana towards Quesada. Chief Evans said to open the roadway and they will place it.

CM Tiberio offered a friendly amendment to install a stop sign. CM Blaschke accepted it as friendly amendment and seconded the motion.

The Mayor summed up the motion and amendment; to create two way traffic on 54th Ave, with a stop sign at the eastbound section of 54th Ave prior to the intersection of Quesada. There was no additional council discussion.

Ms. Wright asked about a completion date and the Mayor said it would be in the next 2 - 3 weeks. She also asked the affect on leaf collection and other pick-ups, and was told everything would be the same as before.

Gerard Kiernan, 5309 Riverdale Rd, recommended two stop signs as a member of the Traffic Control Committee - one east and west directions once it opens, at the intersection of 54th and Quesada. The Mayor verified the stop sign will be at the present barricade location. Mr. Kiernan noted the closest street model would be 54th Ave and Jefferson, where there are stop signs north and south, to control traffic in and out of Jefferson. (Off mic discussion between council and attendees was not picked up on tape).

The Mayor asked that the second matter be referred to the Traffic Study Committee regarding placement of the stop sign(s).

The motion passed unanimously.

Application for National Historic Designation

CM Davis reviewed last month's presentations by Howard Berger of MNCPPC Historic Preservation Commission, and Laura Trieschmann, who prepared a documents allowing Riverdale Park to apply for historic district status. They reviewed history, architecture, and how we can apply and qualify for designation, as well as the Department of Interior's rules about it. No one was opposed because the designation has no rules for individual homeowners. CM Davis explained that the designation protects entire neighborhoods from intrusion and actions of other governments, making it very difficult to expand or constructs highways, locate landfills, etc, and homeowners retain the right to do as they wish with their homes and properties. There is a tax rebate program offered by the State of MD, which, if applied for, have some basic rules for those approved. The Town is interested in the marketing and protecting the Town, not for placing rules on homeowners. The Town has been pursuing the designation for over ten years.

CM Davis made a motion to proceed with the application process for National Historic Designation. CM Tiberio seconded the motion.

CM Blaschke commented that it was a win-win situation - no cost to the community and residents, and no restrictions to homeowners, and believed it would bring Riverdale Park to the country's attention as another historic district.

Public Comments

Alan Thompson, 4711 Sheridan St, firmly supported the idea and expressed appreciation to CM Davis for her hard work. He said Jennie Reinhardt, 4806 Sheridan St, was in attendance earlier in the evening to express her support but was called away on a family matter before the issue came before the council.

Mayor Herman also commended CM Davis for her work, and pointed out that the contract work is funded by a State of Maryland grant. Monies still left will see the application process through. Councilmember's were informed that those voting in support of the application will probably be called before administrative bodies in MD and elsewhere to testify as time progresses.

CM Davis said if approved, a letter to Howard Berger needed to be sent tomorrow, notifying him of the Town's decision to proceed and indicate the vote. The Historic Preservation Commission will take a look at the letter and decide if it will be forwarded to the state though problems aren't anticipated since their employees prepared part of the report. We're trying to get on the state's agenda for their February meeting. If the state meets in February and considers our application, we should get an answer sometime next summer. CM Davis said we're near the end of the process and encouraged everyone to be patient just a little longer.

The motion passed 5 - 0. CM Scott abstained. The Mayor said the letter will be forwarded.

Alamo Restaurant Dance Permit

CM Scott introduced the Shea's from Greenway Dr, owners of the Alamo Mexican restaurant, who came to request a dance permit for their restaurant and submit their security plan. They attended last week's work session to discuss their security plan and past problems. She said they're committed to work with the Town and Council to prevent future problems.

Mr. Charles Shea , 5301 Greenway Dr, said four members of the Alamo staff were present . He said the two questions raised by the Mayor and Council regarded progress on the physical improvements of the Alamo shopping center, what was the estimated completion date, and what security plans are in place if the permit is issued.

First, the parking lot, island and sidewalks are being completed, the foundation for shopping center lights are installed and the lines are in, waiting for Pepco's approval to hook up the lights. Their contractor said the parking lot will be 100% completed by November 19th and no problems are anticipated that would delay completion of phase one improvements.

Phase two has two parts - the exterior façade of the shopping center and the interior of remodeling of Value Village. There is a lease agreement with Value Village and the store will contribute to completion. However, they recently received letters from the store saying the plans weren't to their satisfaction so negotiations are needed. Regardless of the outcome, Mr. Shea said they are committed to seeing completion of the façade of the shopping center -Value Village included, regardless of whether they contribute, or if improvement to their interior are done following negotiations.

Security Plan

Mr. Shea explained there are four parts to their security plan.

Restricted admission - who will be admitted or rejected. If a patron appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they won't be admitted. Individuals must be over 21, which eliminates the problem of serving alcohol to minors. Individuals will be searched for weapons, alcohol and drugs, and they must be dressed appropriately (no tank tops or bare feet). Anyone who appears to be a troublemaker or has a history of it, will be barred. Those admitted will be there legitimately and won't be troublemakers.

Prevention of drinking and disorderly behavior - security personnel observing this will be expected to prevent or correct inappropriate behavior, and personnel will be alert to possible problems and will advise security personnel to address it. Everyone will be alert and looking to prevent trouble before happening. No alcoholic beverages will be served to those visibly impaired by previous drinks (whether served at the Alamo or another location).

Security personnel will take following actions if any guest exhibits behaviors involving abusive language, threat of bodily harm or confrontation with other guests or if are too loud. They'll warn the individual to stop, or they will be escorted out of the restaurant. If employees are not able to remove them the police will be called to assist in their removal.

Police security - two uniform policemen, two bilingual assistants. Mr. Shea said order is promised while open and until closed and the premises emptied.

Supervising - Mr. and/or Mrs. Shea will be there, or managers (present at the meeting) will be on the premises. They have designed the Alamo Mexican Restaurant Weekly Public Dancing Program Report. They will provide details; gate check personnel, bilingual security, how many attended, officers, bartender, waitress, busboy , cook, band info, remarks - noting unusual incidents - arrests, etc - and details of incident. Forms will be filled out that night or the following day and submitted to Chief Evans.

CM Scott asked about parking lot security. Olivia Bear, manager, and Bowie resident answered. There will be rotating police officers, and assistant managers, and they'll probably also have a bilingual security guard checking the parking lot. Because of the new lighting they will be able to see from inside as well as outside.

The Mayor said security check details that were explained should also be included in the document submitted which will be a memorandum of understanding between the Town and the Alamo. Generalizations should be understood from the start before the permit even issued. Those responsible will be on premises before opening and will remain until after closed. The Mayor said one Town concern regards the orderly disbursement of patrons leaving at closing - and their exiting the parking lot even. Ms. Bear said the managers and police officers will stand outside until everyone leaves. Police officers will not leave until everyone has left the premises.

CM Scott said they'd appreciate seeing mention of closing the back gate in their security plan document. She said she'd also like to see what procedures will be if they don't have adequate security staff. Ms. Bear said they've hired an officer to handle security and he will see to it that alternatives will be present (two).

The Mayor said there was a situation under a past security understanding where an officer didn't show up but operations continued. He asked if the Alamo was prepared to not have dancing if the necessary security personnel weren't present? Ms. Bear said yes. The Mayor informed them if their security plan is reduced to a memorandum of understanding, a breach of that agreement will result in immediate revocation of the dance permit.

The Mayor asked about their previous indication that officers will be bilingual saying it now sounded like the assistants will be. Mr. Shea said it is their intention to have bilingual officers but they may not always be able to - two are fluent in Spanish, the others only understand and speak it some. The Mayor said understanding that an officer may call in sick sometime, were they prepared as part of a MOU to agree that at least one officer present would be fully fluent in Spanish - (one officer on staff will be Spanish conversant or fully bilingual). Were they willing to make that part of dance permit? Ms. Bear said yes.

CM Davis clarified from previous conversations, that what she thought was going to be two uniformed officers and two bilingual security guards, sounds like it was now two uniform officers and the bilingual security guards are referred to as assistants. Ms. Bear said they mean two uniform officers and two bilingual assistants (managers). CM Davis clarified, "and a security guard". Ms. Bear said yes there will be a security guard. A total of five individuals will be on the premises. The security guard will not be officer and the security guard does not speak Spanish. CM Tiberio asked if he was a security guard or a bouncer. Ms. Bear said he will be a bouncer. The Mayor clarified that they will guaranteed that there will always be five individuals involved in security, and two will have arrest powers. She believed the officers will be from District One in PG County. CM Scott asked the Chief if it would be helpful to him and his department to know who the officers were and what their schedules would be. He said it would be helpful if the officers would call in to his department after they have called in to their operations in case his department has to respond to anything..

CM Feldberg didn't agree that they should be required to have a Spanish speaking officer. The Mayor said, given past situations there, and the uniqueness of the restaurant operations, they had proposed that the two officers would be Spanish speaking and he thought they should agree that at least one would be. CM Tiberio felt it was severe that the restaurant would have to close down for the night or have their permit revoked if they operated for an evening without a fluent officer. CM Scott felt the issue was that most of their clientele were Spanish speaking with some speaking little or no English. It was a protection to their patrons not to have to wait for a translator to deal with volatile situations.

Chief Evans agreed that closing because a Spanish speaking officer wasn't present was a little strong because there is a limited number of Spanish speaking officers. He said the majority of officers in District One were familiar with the county's Hispanic community, so he believed there wouldn't be a difficulty as long as there was someone to translate for them and that is usually what happens on the street. Ms. Bear said they will be there at all times.

CM Blaschke asked how many nights a week a band will be present and how many nights dancing. She thought it looked like every night. Ms. Bear said dancing will only be Friday, Saturday and possibly on Sundays. The Mayor noted those night would be noted on the permit. CM Tiberio mentioned private parties to inform everyone the restaurant doesn't need a permit for private parties.

The Mayor referred to the November 9th completion date on the improvements and asked Mr. Shea if they would agreed that public dancing wouldn't commence until the new lighting was fully installed for full illumination of parking lot. He asked Mr. Shea if he was comfortable noting December 1st as completion date in the agreement saying he wanted to pick realistic date for them. Mr. Shea said under best conditions, completion was expected by November 19th but they can't accurately predict as problems can come up. Mr. Shea agreed that public dancing wouldn't commence until the parking lot lights were all operational. He said the less public dancing they do the better off they are. The license was nice to have if they had a good band and can have dancing, but they don't expect they will have it every week.

The Mayor asked again if December 1st was reasonable date and asked for an outside realistic date. CM Tiberio asked why they needed to list the date, instead just state that dancing can't commence until completion. The Mayor said they want to see it finished.

The Mayor question completion of the façade noting that two improvements were discussed on October 29th as a condition of dance permit - one having to do with the entrance canopy noted in earlier correspondence and commented that after discussion with Value Village they're not both on the same page. He said they've heard a lot about façade improvements but very little work has been done on it. He said they aren't requiring it as a condition necessarily of happening at the outset, but they need to see movement is occurring. The Mayor asked for outside dates again. Mr. Shea said the design and bidding of the façade has been done and was submitted to Value Village. Their original timetable was to have selected the contractor and work begin work before the weather changed but he needs to sit down with Value Village Mr. Shea said he's still committed to doing the work which will start in late February or early march and should be completed by June 2002, possibly May 2002. The façade design used Value Village as the centerpiece and it was elaborate. If Value Village withdraws their support they'll have to adjust but the theme would remain Mexican with clay tiles. The Mayor asked when a consensus is expected and when any consolidated façade plan they'll use will be available. Mr. Shea said he'd like to do it as soon as possible. If Value Village is hung up on design resolution, it's easy but if money is the issue, there will be problems. He assured everyone that work should be completed by June of next year - with or without Value Village's support. The Mayor asked for a deadline for landscape completion noting dirt beds from construction is still in sight now. Mr. Shea said he'd like to see it completed before cold weather sets in. Mr. Shea and the Mayor agreed that December 1st was a reasonable date.

CM Scott asked CM Feldberg if it was appropriate to recommend their planting with the present drought. CM Feldberg said November and December are the best times to plant trees even in a drought.

In response to the Mayor asking the Chief if he had any questions or comments, the Chief felt the arrangement was similar to the one imposed before but he was comfortable if the permit was conditional.

The Mayor recommended, at Council's pleasure, consideration of a temporary dance permit (and re-application for this application) for a time certain to be conditioned upon actual reduction of an MOU between the parties to incorporate the evening's comments. The Mayor said he understood that the following were the additions or modification to the agreement they have: With regard to the security plan, changes to the security plan as currently written would indicate there would be regular patrolling intervals of the parking lot by police, that they'll stay until the parking lot is vacated, that the gate will be locked at closing time, if there's inadequate staffing of the 5 people indicated as security team - dancing will not occur that evening, that there will be an effort to have officers who are bilingual or Spanish conversant, but that will not be a requirement - that it'll be aspirational, that officers reporting to work will check in with Riverdale Park police department to let them know they're on the lot. In regard to improvements, the Alamo agrees that: dancing will not commence until overhead parking lot lights are fully illuminated, that complete façade/roofline/canopy for Value Village and that portion will be completed by June 1, 2002, and that they will compete all of the landscaping and planting in empty plant beds by Dec 1, 2001. Mr. Shea agreed and the Mayor said he will have the document prepared for Mr. Shea's signature.

CM Tiberio asked for clarification that they were agreeing to not have dancing if the five security staff they are agreeing to don't show up.

Restatement of the clarification between Mr. Shea and members of the council went back and forth with hypothetical situations given, and reminders that that is the point of a security agreement went back and forth followed.

Mr. Shea reminded everyone that the restaurant had been there for 47 years and they've handled their business. The more restrictions the Town puts on them, the harder to do business.

CM Davis asked for clarification as to which personnel were required in the MOU. CM Tiberio then asked the Chief to state who he believed were required. Chief Evans said they should be able to hold their function as long as they have two sworn police officers on the premises - they won't be able to function w/out sufficient restaurant staff, but security would require two sworn officers with arrest powers (i.e. not one sworn officer and one security guard/bouncer) CM Tiberio noted that anyone can be a bouncer and they'll be sure and have a manager on site. Chief Evans reiterated that they must have two sworn police officers with police powers and noted that a reasonable issue should also be that one of the restaurant personnel is bilingual but said he believed they would have that.

CM Feldberg said she wanted to see the façade improvements but didn't believe the dance permit should be dependent on that being done. She said she'd like to see them all over town.

Ms. Bear said she'd like to have the dance permit dependent on all the improvements, but having the dance permit would bring in money to do the improvements to the Alamo and it's shopping center.

The Mayor asked Mr. Shea if the deadline dates from last weeks discussion were still in the agreement. Mr. Shea said he didn't necessarily agree with the need for them, but they would like the permit, and if there are conditions, they would do what was needed. He said philosophically they had a problem with some of it because they have been a tax paying business in the community for 47 years and he was concerned that conditions were being placed on them that weren't being placed on everyone in the community.

The Mayor said, as member of the council for 8 years, he thinks he was the only member on the council who always supported their requests for permits, but they were also the only business in town who came to them (on three separate occasions) for dance permits after revocations for things that went wrong in a prior situation. The Mayor said he was asking for the plan so everyone knew what was expected. He pointed out that he doesn't vote unless there's a tie so speaking to him is irrelevant. He felt it was important to make conditions everyone could live with.

Chief Evans said he had experience as district commander in three different districts and it was not unusual to impose restrictions on any business that served liquor. He even knew of a number of places where dancing was not permitted so the situation is not unique to Riverdale.

CM Tiberio said he spoke experience of a business he owned where to have a dance permit he was required to have two uniformed officers on the premises when there was dancing there were parking lot requirements also. He disagreed that landscaping shouldn't be required and noted many businesses along Kenilworth that look bad and need improvement.

The Mayor asked CM Scott for a motion. CM Scott said in the last year and a half she'd served on the council, this request had come before the council twice and noted the restaurant wasn't then under the Shea's control. She expressed hopes that the improvement plans will come true this time and the dates the Mayor outlined were within reason and such stipulations weren't a burden to the Alamo. Mr. Shea again assured the Council that the façade improvements will begin by next June and what landscaping should be done this season (tree planting) will be done. The lighting will be done. Mr. Shea said they want to do good and right things and they don't need to be forced to do it. He asked that they do review in June saying the less restrictions to business owners, the better. Give them the power to do it and not tie their hands. CM Scott asked how long they've been working on façade improvements. Mr. Shea said he and Value Village chose the architect and changes at a cost of $200,000 for the parking lot, $200,000 for the façade, $600,000 for Value Village interior work - approximately $1M in improvements. He said three years sounds like a long time but an architect change happened.

CM Scott said she wasn't sure what the motion should be. CM Feldberg made the motion to allow the Alamo to have a dance permit following conditions to the plan already submitted: parking lot lighting will be completed before dancing begins, there will always be two off duty police officers on the premises, the back gate will be locked at closing, parking lot patrolling will occur, they will stay until the parking lot is cleared after closing. CM Scott seconded the motion with a friendly amendment. She amended the motion that the license will be issued for 60 days with a review of the reports sent to Chief Evans at the end. CM Feldberg accepted it as a friendly amendment. CM Scott and Feldberg agreed that the permit was renewable automatically after 60 days if there were no problems. When asked for what timeframe the permit would be renewed after that, CM Scott said they could discuss it then. The Mayor summed it up as a 60 day temporary renewable by no action permit.

CM Tiberio said he was opposed to the 60 day limit and felt it was too short. He felt they needed a longer period of time to get their situation programmed out. The conditions in the main agreement could result in the license being suspended at any time if there were violations. He said the one caveat was that the Council could rescind the permit at any time (i.e. too many police reports or violations).

CM Scott said her concern was that they would neglect to review it without a time limit. She said there's a tendency to ignore issues in the community, particularly with dancing, until there's a serious issue like the knifing that happened last year. The should keep close tabs to address issues as needed.

Public Comment

Gerard Kiernan, 5309 Riverdale Rd, said he's not sure their business license chapter gives the council an option. He disputed having the Alamo pay the full amount for a license that is only for a 60 day license. He said if they're talking about opening in December, he felt they should be given at least until June, then review their record, but pull the license between now and then if the police report problems.

The Mayor said only one motion is on the table with all those conditions. There would be no separate discussion on the amendment because the mover and seconded were in agreement about the friendly amendment. One motion on the table (not an amendment) - the motion to accept with all those conditions including that it's a 60 day license.

CM Tiberio made a motion to amend the main motion to remove any reference to a 60 day stipulation in the main motion. He said at a minimum it should be 6 months with the understanding that we get a report from the Chief of police every month on any incidents at the Alamo.

The Mayor summarized that the motion was to change the current motion referencing 60 days to be a 6 month license. CM Scott seconded the motion. The Mayor said they would entertain discussion on the amendment but there was none.

The Council voted on the amended motion. The vote was 4 - 2. CM Davis and CM Almirez opposed. The motion carried.

At the request of CM Davis, the Mayor summarized the amendments to grant the 6 month license with the restrictions: security plan as outlined in the two page memorandum supported by Mr. Shea with the following amendments:

Regular patrolling of the parking lot by uniformed police.

Police shall stay on the premises until the parking lot is vacated by all patrons.

Gate at the north terminus of the parking lot will be closed and locked at closing.

There are to be five persons in the security operations each evening dancing occurs, however, two uniform police officers must absolutely be on the premises, otherwise no dancing will occur.

The lighting improvements must be completed before any dancing shall commence under the permit, meaning the lights can be fully illuminated.

CM Davis asked if the nights of operation were listed in the agreement. The Mayor said they were not. CM Davis said that was the part she had the most difficulty with, and the agreement is getting further and further away from what the owners, and the Council, have been in friendly negotiations over in the last few months and years - going from a one night a week function to seven days a week. She voiced hesitation to oppose the council person from the ward, but if she lived in the apartment complex that backed up to the club and had to listen to the noise from such an event on a weeknight...... She said she'd be more comfortable with Friday and Saturday only. The Mayor asked if she was making a motion

CM Davis made an amendment to the motion approving the days of dance operations to Friday and Saturday. There was no second to the motion. The motion died.

The Council voted on the main motion. The vote was 4 - 2. CM Davis and Almirez opposed. The motion to approve the dance permit for a 6 month renewable period was approved. The Mayor told Mr. Shea that a Memorandum of Understanding would be drawn up, based on all the conversation that occurred, executed between himself as the applicant and the Mayor. The Mayor noted to Mr. Shea that since the parking lot lights won't be up in the next 48 hours, he believed they wouldn't need to be concerned about dancing beginning right away.

BREAK for 5 minutes

The Mayor said he would depart from the agenda for the report from Ward 5 understanding that he would need to leave early.

Ward 5

CM Almirez said he has received complaints from neighbors about asphalt work done to steps outside their building. Many have voiced concerns to him about dancing at the Alamo due to late hours, noise, alcoholic consumption, disorderly conduct, litter and the bad influence it will be on the neighborhood. He said he's heard many say they will move and don't believe it's the best thing for the Hispanic community. Residents are concerned for their neighbors who struggle with alcoholism and the affects of extending the hours for dancing. CM Almirez said he knows those who want to drink can still drink, but the extended hours and opportunity are a concern to many. He explained the Alamo improvements but it didn't calm his constituents concerns. They believe it will be bad for the neighborhood.

The Mayor assured CM Almirez and his constituents that the council will watch conditions at the Alamo very closely when dancing begins, and expect the Councilman and the police will help bring problems to their attention. He said residents affected by construction along Riverdale Rd will hopefully not have concerns about curbing and tripping for long as the work should be completed in approximately 3 weeks.

Town Response to Metro's Purple Line

CM Feldberg asked the Council to discuss the purple line so residents would have the opportunity to hear about the new line proposed by Metro. CM Feldberg hoped the Town would support the new line, and with input from residents, would like to see the Town put forth a proposal next month. She showed a map indicating the six proposals already under consideration which broke down to an inner beltway and outer beltway line. An inner beltway proposal would service our community with a light rail line that would be less expensive and completed sooner, and would run from New Carrollton to Bethesda. The outer beltway line would follow the beltway, requiring people to drive to parking lots along the beltway, then take the East West route. CM Feldberg voiced support for an inner beltway line, saying it would be a boost to the community. She asked residents to take the time to learn more about it, and provide input to the council so they could possibly send a letter of support to the Governor. CM Davis said she had received a lot of feedback from residents in support of the new line.

CM Feldberg made the motion that the council support the Governor in an inner beltway light rail line. CM Davis seconded the motion.

CM Davis said a lot of residents commute from suburb to suburb and everyone knows that EW Hwy is packed to capacity. She hoped an expanded road wouldn't be required, especially with the National Register District pending, but either way the new line would reduce present traffic problems.

CM Tiberio asked about the proposed route from New Carrollton. CM Feldberg said there's nothing definite about the new line, but believed it would go some way east of Kenilworth (maybe through East Pines) on it's way to College Park. The Mayor suggested CM Feldberg write an article for the Town Crier soliciting input from residents, and then construct a motion at a later time in the written form of what we'd like the Governor to know specifically. Since there's the beginning of the knowledge of the purple line, "saying" we support the line is general, and conceptually most people support mass transit. He said the question is whether or not it will involve Riverdale Park and of how the new Purple line will improve access for our residents? Do we want to be actively involved in the consultation process to see that our community is taken into consideration in the design and development of the purple line? He wondered if the motion as it was would serve the ultimate purpose they want, and the 30 day delay until the next meeting may be harmful to the process if the Governor, or federal government, moves on it in the next 30 days.

CM Feldberg said the motion is specific enough but it would be worthwhile to add that we want to be involved in the development process, and voicing our support early would be a positive thing. Mayor Herman asked if she felt it was important to make the approval now or wait 30 days to fashion the response. CM Feldberg said 30 days was fine. The Mayor asked if the Councilmember wanted to withdraw her motion, or table it until a later time. CM Feldberg said she'd heard support from one person and wanted to know what the Council wished to do. CM Tiberio reiterated the Mayor's indication that everyone supports mass transit, and though everyone supported the River Road extension, there were 14 different proposals about where the road would go. He noted that Riverdale Park is involved in a proposed plan, but CM Davis pointed out that it's east of the parkway, which is far outside of the Town. CM Tiberio said he'd like to know more details.

CM Feldberg said she would table the motion for 30 days. CM Davis seconded the motion. The Mayor pointed out that a tabled motion is a non-debatable motion.

Dr Thompson called for a point of order, saying that when a motion is tabled, anyone may request what emergency it is that required the motion to be tabled, rather than postponed, until a later time. The Mayor asked if any member of the council wished to ask what the emergency was that required the motion to be tabled. None of the councilmember's responded, and the Mayor pointed out that no one had asked for the clarification so the motion was tabled.

CM Davis seconded the motion. The motion to table until a later time passed unanimously.

CM Feldberg said she would write an article for the Town Crier outlining the purple line, soliciting input from residents that the council is contemplating a motion of support at the December meeting.

Approval of Recreation Board Appointments (Wards 1, 5, 6 and others)

CM Scott announced that Wendell Davis, 5406 Powhatan Rd, volunteered to represent Ward 6 and she made the motion to appoint Mr. Davis.

CM Davis made the motion to appoint Ann Marie Larsen of the 4500 block of Queensbury Rd as the at large appointment for Ward 4.

CM Tiberio said Ms. DeGrote was appointed in May but she still hasn't been contacted by the board.

CM Tiberio made the motion to approve the appointments. CM Davis seconded the motion.

There was no council discussion and no public comment. The motion passed unanimously.

The Mayor asked Mr. Prangley to request that a staff person compose a letter to Tracy Toscano notifying her of the two new additions (with phone numbers), and to indicate that the prior appointment of Ms. DeGrote (Ward 3) had not been followed up on by the committee.

The Mayor suggested that members have interested residents come to Riverdale Park Day and meet with Ms. Toscano there.

Committee and Ward Reports

Ward 1

CM Feldberg said she receives a lot of questions about the best time to plant trees which is after they've gone dormant (leaves died and fallen off). The Trees the Town ordered are expected to be shipped mid November and will be planted through the beginning of December. Many tree locations are marked off around town.

Ward 2

CM Blaschke reported on construction activity in Ward 2 that has been completed, including a house on Riverdale Rd, sidewalk work on 51st Ave, and the Riverdale Community Park. Work is proceeding on upgrades to baseball fields in that park. Now that the streets of Madison Hill have been accepted by Riverdale Park, we're now also financially responsible for their street bills from Pepco. Madison Hill held their annual meeting and a new board was selected: Larry Tice, is President, Rob Hatten and Leonard Saunders are the new Vice President's at large, Sonja Trask is Secretary, and Patricia Jackson is Treasurer. Congratulations to all.

CM Blaschke reminded everyone to take added security measures to keep entrances and exits around their homes well lit, especially now that it's dark earlier in an effort to reduce crime.

She noted that a resident asked about the Town's response, such as a fundraiser, to the September 11th attacks. She reviewed the contribution of our police department being on alert to provide services to those serving at the Pentagon crash site. The Riverdale Park Fire Department supported College Park and the UM following the recent tornado. The Town is attempting to purchase flag banners for light poles through a grant program. Some residents have offered assistance in implementing the project. Residents ideas welcome.

The Riversdale Historical Society has established the Ann Ferguson Fund, to meet needs of the Mansion in honor of all her work and efforts to preserve and maintain the mansion. Anyone wishing to contribute to this fund is asked to send checks made out to the Riversdale Historical Society, and send them to Barbara Glover, 7006 Forrest Hill Dr, University Park, MD 20782, or contact CM Blaschke at 301-699-7870. Ann Ferguson recently moved to Madison Virginia.

Legislative Committee

CM Blaschke reported on the MML Legislative Conference held October 18th and 19th in College Park. Proposed legislation was submitted by members and three were approved. Those approved will be forwarded to the MD General assembly including: establishing a task force to study and report on strategies and recommendations for facilitating and reducing costs of under grounding the overhead utilities facilities which include power lines, cable and telephone services, which are in the smart growth priorities funding areas. This legislation would pertain to older established communities like Riverdale Park. Newer communities are required to have all utilities underground. The next legislation would establish a sewer infrastructure repair and replacement fund providing financial assistance to large and small communities in our state. Some municipalities aren't on WSSC and need funding assistance to replace sewage systems. The last legislation would provide all municipalities currently covered by MNCPPC, specifically Montgomery and PG County, allowing them discretionary authority to exercise full planning and zoning powers. Currently Laurel is the only municipality in the county that has full authority and College Park has limited authority. The remaining 25 municipalities have no planning or zoning authority.

The next Legislative Committee meeting is scheduled for November 12th at 7:30pm

Ward 3

CM Tiberio scheduled a finance committee meeting for November 12th following the Legislative meeting. The auditors report has been received by the Town and will be discussed. The past four months of the current fiscal year will be also be discussed. The Town is doing well in expenditures and saving money, but the CPA expressed concern about revenues and CM Tiberio is concerned as well.

CM Tiberio and the town engineer discussed creating a sidewalk on the outside of the bridge, on the south side of Riverdale Rd. He believes it's a mandatory project because two children were killed in the last few years and one was recently injured the other day, just east of the bridge. A pre-fabricated structure with a mesh covering (so no one can fall, or jump into the river) was proposed. The structure can be attached at an approximate cost of $110,000, and he'd like funding to come from community block grant funds. He will discuss how to start and steps to take with Mr. Prangley, but believes it would take approximately a year to work out details with the Corp of Engineers. If the Town pursued the idea, approval would also need to come from State Roads.

Five preliminary redistricting plans will be distributed to the council for review before the process begins, but work is continuing. The Mayor suggested that the plans be provided for the Legislative Committee to review at next Monday's meeting since they will be the committee of origin. CM Tiberio agreed to try to get the information to them by then.

CM Tiberio reported that both pieces of legislation the town submitted to MML's Legislative Committee at the recent conference were denied. He will submit them to our two state senators and legislators to see if they will introduce them at the next legislative session.

CM Tiberio made comments about the low turnout for trick or treating this Halloween saying only about half the number of kids came by that usually do.

Mayor Herman reminded residents that there will be a brief ceremony at the Veterans Memorial in Town this Sunday at 11:00am. State Senator Paul Pinsky will be the speaker.

Ward 4

CM Davis echoed earlier mention of residents who died in October and informed everyone that Benny Pitts, a young man who lived on Riverdale Rd, had also died recently.

CM Davis said she also saw very few children on Halloween, and voiced concern about children not being able to trick or treat in their own neighborhoods. Parents were encouraged to bring their kids to the Winter Holiday Event in Town Hall to celebrate coming holidays.

The Davis family is back in their home though they're having trouble with phones because they still have original phone lines from the 1920's. If anyone calls CM Davis and gets static or is disconnected, please call her cell phone at 301-367-9238.

She reiterated that a meeting will be scheduled between herself, Mr. Prangley, and WSSC to work out scheduling problems in Ward 4. She said she was happy to have them replacing water mains, but irregular work schedules cause problems for residents when scheduled work is delayed causing parking, and other problems.

Taylor Wells Antiques is reopening in Town Center on trial basis for the month of December. She reminded residents that they once were one of the anchor businesses there but the once retail antique business changed to a full time interior design business a few years ago.

The Town is still waiting on a decision from Hyattsville for repaving and speed hump construction on 43rd but everyone is still hopeful.

The Preservation Association and Archives Committee won't meet again until January. Upcoming meeting dates will be announced in December.

The Economic Development Committee is waiting for the November 21st deadline when all the proposals are due. Members of the Town Center Revitalization Committee are anxious to review the proposals submitted. A meeting will be convened once the new Assistant Town Administrator is on board. In addition to writing grants, the Assistant Town administrator will be the primary contact person for economic development matters. They're hopeful to hire someone in December.

Ward 5

(report presented earlier)

Ward 6

Police Report

Chief Evans read the October police report.

He reminded residents that the second police Community Forum will be held November 6th. A tour of the police department will follow the meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

A letter was received from Riverdale Park Officer Larry Hayes who is currently participating in additional infantry training at Fort Bragg following the September 11th attacks. He is awaiting deployment assignment.

Chief Evans recently attended the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Toronto which was attended by 12,000 law enforcement executives from over 80 countries. The conference theme was terrorism with a focus on responding to terrorism. New FBI Director gave a presentation. The Pentagon's Deputy Chief, and Commissioner of New York City spoke about the September 11th attacks. Chief Evans conveyed Canada's strong support of the USA.

Code Enforcement

The last of our code enforcement officers resigned last month to take a position in College Park. The Town hopes to hire a new full time code enforcement officer by this Friday and rejuvenate code enforcement in Town.

Ward 6

CM Scott said Ward 6 was relatively quiet. She noted that surveyors were working on Greenway Dr, mapping out improvements that will happen next spring. She said there is some movement for work that was about to being on 57th Ave, and work on Riverdale Rd should be completed in approximately 3 weeks.

CM Scott thanked everyone who attended the "Howlingween Pet Costume Party" on October 28th. In attendance were twelve dogs, two cats (one Elvis cat), and two guinea pigs dressed as fire fighters.

Unfinished Business


New Business

CM Davis said WSSC sent a letter requesting permission to continue water main replacement work around Town after November 15th on streets that won't need to use above ground temporary water lines. She explained that WSSC normally stops work around Thanksgiving because of cold weather that freezes and breaks above ground water lines, and the asphalt plants close during the winter months. CM Davis said while everyone is anxious to get the work done, Ward 4 has experienced severe problems with WSSC not reporting work schedules, and with their contractors not taking responsibility for vehicle damage caused by falling trees and branches during the work. Continuing work could also impede snow removal efforts when needed. She felt a meeting should be held to iron out concrete dates and details if it was decided to allow work to continue. Mr. Prangley agreed to draft a letter and discuss with WSSC their desire to expand the off limits period (November 15th to March 1st), as well as residents concerns about disturbances in their neighborhoods during holidays and winter months.

The Mayor suggested the Council discuss the matter at a special legislative meeting later in the week if the issues could be discussed with WSSC before then. Mr. Prangley believed discussions could occur in that timeframe and CM Davis agreed to discuss the matter again at a special meeting on Thursday. Mayor Herman said the two matters discussed at that meeting would be consideration of WSSC's request, and consideration for possible approval of a new Director of Public Works.

The Mayor asked if the Council wanted to entertain discussion of mosquito magnet experimentation around Town for possible purchase following the earlier presentation by Janine Dorothy. He suggested they look at the mosquito budget for a possible purchase at a cost of $1,000. CM Scott suggested contacting the manufacturing company about borrowing one or more to try before making a purchase. The Mayor agreed to draft a letter to them.

CM Tiberio asked when paving and resurfacing operations on Riverdale Rd would occur. Mr. Prangley said they will know by tomorrow after a scheduled milling meeting. CM Davis confirmed that the work would be completed before asphalt plants close for winter.

CM Tiberio thanked Mr. Walter of VMP for his cooperation in reducing his quote by $3,800 bringing the figure closer to the engineer's estimate. Total cost for the two project bid is $25,000. The contract had approved the VMP as contractor on October 29th.

Public Comments

Gerard Kiernan, 5309 Riverdale Rd, asked if milling and repaving operations would rebuild damage WSSC has done to the 5400 block, and pointed out that a cut from north to south there is already sinking. The Mayor assured him that a level surface would be the end result.

Following last months meeting he looked at the DAT database, and the deed for Town Center is still not recorded. He asked if the Town actually owned the property? Mr. Prangley said a follow up call would be made tomorrow.

Motion to adjourn was made by CM Davis. All agreed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35pm

Minutes prepared from videotape.

Mary Paradiso

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