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Summary Of Adopted Ordinances for July 2001

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Resolution 2001-OR-2--This resolution increased the basic Riverdale Park business license fee from $100 to $150. Resolution stated that fees had not been increased in more than a decade.

Resolution 2001-OR-3--This resolution increased the basic parking fine on local roads from $25 to $50. It also increased the fine for parking illegally in fire lanes and handicapped spaces from $200 to $250. Under the legislation, even if a fine was unpaid and tripled in value under the normal increases for failure to pay, the legislation capped the total cost of the violation at $500. Resolution stated that such fines had not been increased in more than a decade.

Resolution 2001-OR-4--This resolution was originally proposed on June 11 to increase the fee charged to an apartment owner from $50 to $100 per apartment unit. On June 14, the resolution was amended to only increase the fees from $50 to $75.

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