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Our Charitable Response to September 11

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By Myra Mack and Cynthia Blaschke

The September 11 terrorist tragedies will remain in the forefront of American minds for a very long time. Hundreds of communities across the nation and the world have come together to show unity for the United States in remembrance of this horrible event by having prayer services, fundraisers, and blood drives. Funds have been established and donations have been made to numerous organizations and agencies.

But what can we, Riverdale Park, do to bring our own community together to assist the families of victims--be they employees at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or of the police and fire departments that risked and lost their lives while saving hundreds? Many residents have already participated individually. The Riverdale Park Police Department assisted with some security details after the September 11 tragedy.

Many of us feel we need to do something together, making us more than just lonely witnesses to our troubled times. It takes all of us "in this village" to come together. The end of the year is quickly approaching and many individuals are carefully considering charitable donations. Here are a few projects and organizations in town that need your support:

  • As discussed in the November 2001 issue of the Town Crier, Mayor Michael Herman is in the process of acquiring flags for the new light poles along Riverdale and Queensbury Roads under a grant program. Many residents and businesses have also promised generous financial assistance toward this project, but we need more to ensure that the entire length of both streets reflects our unity.

  • The Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department operates on limited funding. Donating to our local firefighters would be an excellent opportunity to commemorate those courageous individuals from the fire departments who perished in New York City--and will help our own department stay prepared.

  • Funds can also be directed to the Riverdale Park Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) to support the needs of our officers. Officer Larry Hayes and dispatcher Carlos Joyner have been called up for active duty to serve the country in this war against terrorism. The FOP is seeking donations to help their families during their absence.

A friend recently advocated for "being American in your every deed, in your every act." Please consider these three options to show our town's patriotism by remembering this event and supporting our community.

Please use the form below and send your contribution to: The Town of Riverdale Park, 5008 Queensbury, Riverdale Park, MD 20737. Make checks payable to the appropriate organization. 1) for flags: "Town of Riverdale Park"; 2) for Fire Department: "Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department"; and 3) for FOP: "Riverdale Park FOP Lodge 121".

Myra Mack is a resident of Ward 2 and Cynthia Blaschke is the Ward 2 Councilperson.

Riverdale Park' s Charitable Response to the September 11 Tragedy

I would like to show support by contributing:

$________ Flag Project $________ Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department $ ________ FOP

Name: ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________

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