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Council Actions for February 2002

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Following is a summary of council actions taken at the December 3 and January 7 regular legislative and December 26 special legislative sessions. Absences, abstentions, and opposing votes are noted.

Regular Legislative Session
December 3, 2001

  1. Approved mutual aid agreement for police services between Riverdale Park, Bladensburg, Greenbelt, Hyattsville, and Mount Rainer. Agreement is for emergency and non-emergencies, when there's a need for additional resources.
  2. Approved a letter of opposition to state and federal legislators and officials concerning the proposed halfway house on Decatur St.
  3. Approved January 11 as the date for Christmas tree pickup.
  4. Approved the suspension of the rule that requires any expenditure of town money in excess of $5,000 to go out to public bid--for prior purchase of trees only. Resolution passed 5 to 1. CM Tiberio opposed.
  5. Approved to amend contract to VMP for street improvement and sidewalk improvements on 57th Avenue in Ward 6. Amount is not to exceed $32,815. Motion passed 4 to 2. CM Tiberio and Almirez opposed. CM Tiberio requested that it be noted that he was in favor of prior extension request of $25,000 increase but not to extend it further.
  6. Approved the rollover funds from Phase I Infrastructure Improvement Program Funds to Phase II.
  7. Approved resolution in support of a light rail transit line (the purple line).
  8. Introduction of legislation on the towing of vehicles with multiple violations, 2001- OR-3.
  9. Ratified Frederick Sussman as the new Town Attorney.

Regular Legislative Session
January 7, 2002

CM Tiberio and Almirez absent.

  1. Selected Douglas Development Corporation to redevelop the Town Center properties.
  2. Created new Design Committee to help with the redevelopment of the Town Center.
  3. Approved selecting option 2 for The Bus service.
  4. Approved color recommendations for telecommunication pole at Elk's Club.
  5. Approved reimbursement of fuel expenses for Riverdale Heights Fire Dept. for Christmas Eve transporting of Santa through Riverdale Park.

Special Legislative Session
December 26, 2001

  1. Approvedthe appointment of James "Jim" Houser as the town's Public Works Director.

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