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Farewell to a Valued Co-worker

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By Sgt. Patrick Timmons

By the time this article goes to publication, Director of Information Services Paul Paczek will no longer be an employee of the Riverdale Park Police Department. Mr. Paczek is taking a position in the private sector with a company involved in automated enforcement.

Paul Paczek came to work at what was the Riverdale Police Department in 1995 as a dispatcher. The Police Department was virtually void of technology at the time and many employees did not appreciate the benefits of computers. There was only one personal computer in the police facility at that time.

The Riverdale Park Police Department is now a technologically advanced agency. The records section as well as the communications section are run on a system called CRIMESTAR. Many computers within the department are networked and computers can be found throughout the police facility. We have Paul Paczek to thank for that.

Paul was responsible for managing the automated enforcement section, which oversees the red light cameras located in the town. His efforts were instrumental in making Riverdale Park the first jurisdiction in the county to implement automated enforcement. Paul's other duties included overseeing the records section, false alarm reduction/registration and the collection of fines, just to name a few.

The members of the Riverdale Park Police Department would like to thank Paul Paczek for his dedication and hard work over the years. You will be missed.

Sgt. Timmons is a police officer with the Riverdale Park Police Department.

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