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Seeking Documentation of Riverdale Park's History

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The Town History Center Committee is pleased to announce that the Riverdale Park History Center and Archives (RPHCA) is ready to accept collections.

Donations of the following types of materials will be welcome-- brochures, correspondence, diaries, newspaper and magazine articles, reports, drawings, maps, publications, photographs, electronic media that document the history of the Town, its residents, businesses, and organizations. This is not an all-inclusive list so feel free to contact Susan or Doug McElrath at (301) 277-2085 if you are not sure whether your items would fit within the History Center's collecting scope. The Committee is particularly interested in back issues of the various newspapers published in town such as the Riverdalian and the Riverdale Sentinel. The RPHCA will accept both original material and reproductions (i.e. photocopies of newspaper articles, etc.). The RPHCA is an archival collection so it will not collect artifacts or collectibles. The RPHCA will make arrangements to reproduce items that individuals would prefer not to donate to the History Center.

The Committee would prefer individuals to contact Susan or Doug McElrath to arrange for pickup or delivery of materials instead of dropping boxes off at Town Hall. This procedure will assist the Committee in acknowledging and tracking all donations. All donors to the History Center will receive a letter of acknowledgement and be asked to sign a form transferring ownership and all copyrights to the Town of Riverdale Park. The McElrath's will gladly answer any questions about this form or the process for donating materials to the History Center.

The Committee is also seeking donations of the following equipment: 4-drawer file cabinet, table, computer, and printer. These items will be set up in the History Center for volunteers to use to inventory and preserve collections and to assist individuals seeking access to the History Center's materials. The Committee will pick up the items from your home.

Individuals interested in working with the Committee to organize and preserve the Town's documentary heritage should contact Susan McElrath to learn about volunteer opportunities and upcoming training sessions.

The History Center Committee is planning an Open House for May 4 from 10:00 a.m. to Noon. Please stop by to learn more about the History Center.

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