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(A resolution to create limits and specifics for trash receptacles for waste in the Town of Riverdale Park, amend Chapter 36 of the Code of Riverdale Park, and for other purposes. Introduced by CM Rebecca Feldberg.)

WHEREAS, the Town of Riverdale Park continues to improve the services provided by the Public Works Department; and

WHEREAS, the use of various types of containers for the disposal of trash can cause health and safety problems, particularly as rodents, vectors and vermin have easy access to trash in non-enclosed containers; and

WHEREAS, the employees of the Public Works Department are routinely cleaning trash from yards and curb areas due to improper disposal of garbage; and

WHEREAS, the preservation of the cleanly appearance of our town is part of the Town's obligation to protect the health, safety and morals of our community.

NOW WHEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the following amendments are made to Chapter 36 of the Ordinance Code of the Town of Riverdale Park:

Chapter 36-1 Definitions

Is amended by adding the following definitions:

"Proper Vessel or Container" - A container made of metal or plastic that has a tightly-fitted lid that shall be no larger than thirty-nine (39) gallon capacity (by volume). Exception: Any resident still possessing (as of the date of adoption of this definition) a "free-standing metal receptacle" may continue to use it as a "proper vessel or container" as used in this Chapter, provided it is properly functioning, including a metal lid to seal contents from animals.

"Free-standing Metal Receptacle" - Is defined as the trash system that was put in use during the 1960s in Riverdale Park to store trash in large paper bags.

Chapter 36-7

Is amended by striking the words "hereinafter provided" and replacing them with "herein defined"

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the effective date of the changes from this resolution shall be thirty (30) days from enactment.

This ordinance resolution was introduced on April 1, 2002 by Councilmember Rebecca Feldberg. It received its first reading on that date.

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