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Riverdale Elementary School Report for October 2002

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§ Riverdale Elementary School Report for October 2002

Riverdale Elementary School (RES) reports an excellent opening to our 2002-2003 school year. Our 576 students are being taught and assisted throughout their school day by our wonderful staff members. At the end of our first week of school, all students and staff demonstrated the affection we feel for Riverdale Elementary by encircling our school and giving it a big group hug. We love our school!

Riverdale Elementary School's theme for 2002-2003 is Destination: Success. Together, we can travel the road that leads Riverdale Park's children to academic and personal success. One of the most effective tools to achieve this goal is our active RES Home / School Connection. Look at what we're doing, and how you can help:

Our Back-to-School night, September 12 was a rousing success. All educators enjoyed meeting their students' parents. Additionally, parents got to visit their children's classrooms to learn important information by attending sessions there.

We are working hard to achieve 100 percent PTA membership among parents and RES teachers. When all parents and teachers belong to this exceptional organization, we best promote understanding between our school and the community. If you are active, or want to be active, in the life of a school-aged child, please join your local PTA.

Many simple and wonderful ways exist for you to financially support our school (without costing you a penny)! Through these programs, we can receive computers, classroom supplies, teaching materials, PE and recess equipment, and much, much more.

Sign up for the various Savings for Schools programs at local food stores and department stores. Giant, Safeway, Target and K-Mart all have excellent programs. When you sign up, be sure to list the code number for Riverdale Elementary School. Then, use your store card every time you shop there. Have all your friends and family members sign up, too. Save your Campbell's Soup labels and your Boxtops for Education (located on many cereal boxes, food labels, etc.). Send them in to your child's teacher, or drop them off in the RES office. It's easy for you and very beneficial for our school. It is exciting to be a part of this wonderful school year. By working together, we are all helping the children of Riverdale Park achieve their Destination: Success!

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