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Gardening for Wildlife

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If you are interested in attracting birds and butterflies to your yard there are many ways to do that. Several excellent resources are available to help you accomplish your goals. The following programs advocate a holistic approach to landscaping by incorporating components of our native natural environment. The first resource is the BayScapes program developed by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. BayScapes provides a wealth of information on environmentally sound landscapes, offering seven guides available to the public. One example title is "BayScaping to Conserve Water and Using Beneficial Plants - A Homeowners Guide". These guides are available through the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay website, or by calling 410-377-6270.

Another great resource is the Backyard Wildlife Habitat program sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation. Through this program your yard can be certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. They certify backyards, schoolyards and entire communities through this program. The requirements for certification are to provide food, water, cover, and places to raise young for the local wildlife in one's area. The application fee is $15.00 and you will receive a certificate if you qualify. A sign is also available for your yard. Their website is or you may contact Sandy Walter of the Mid-Atlantic region of the National Wildlife Federation at 703-438-6000.

Gardening for wildlife can be fun as well as beneficial to our community. Happy gardening!

- Rebecca Feldberg, Ward 1 Councilmember


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