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Public Works Notices for March 2003

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§ Riverdale Park Weathers the Storm

Snow Storm: Public Works would like to thank residents for their patience and cooperation during the Presidents' Day weekend snowstorm.

Snow Parking: In future snow events, please remember to move parked cars to the odd-numbered side of the street. Plows will be able to clear the opposite lane and then, once the official snow emergency status is lifted, you can move your car back to its regular location. Please park as many cars as possible off street in your driveway.

Clearing Walkways of Snow: The town requires residents to shovel walkways. Please clear access to your mailbox and clear sidewalks for pedestrians.

Spring Clean-Up Day: Bulky trash and other materials can be disposed on Riverdale Park's Spring Clean-up day on May 19, 2003. This is the ideal time to clean out your basement and storage shed. More details will follow in the next Town Crier.

Tires Reminder: Tires are a breeding ground for all types of mosquitoes, particularly the Asian Tiger Mosquito. Your tires need to be removed as soon as possible, before spring breeding begins. There is a $2.50 each ($2.00 for seniors 60+) charge for tire disposal.

Leaves: Loose leaf collection season is over. Residents who still have leaves should compost them or put them out in clear bags on the first collection day of each week.

Plastic Bags For Sale: The town office sells heavy-gauge clear plastic bags for $2.50 for a roll of 25 bags. Please use these or other clear bags for yard waste.

Trashcans: Trashcans are required to have a tight fitting, secure lid. Cans are available at any home or hardware store for as low as $10. To reduce the chance of losing lids to the wind, please label your lid with a permanent magic marker noting your address. Public works has been making an extra effort to return cans with lids inside them. Please report any problems to public works.

Recycled Oil Tank: The recycled oil tank is a service for residents to recycle their used motor oil. Please do not put anything other than used motor oil in this tank.

Recycle-Recycle-Recycle: Recycling saves the Town money in disposal fees and helps the environment, so please remember to recycle on Wednesdays.

Replacement Buckets: Recycling buckets can be obtained free from Prince George's County Office of Recycling by calling 301-952-7630.

Saturday Trash Drop-off: Every Saturday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., the town offers bulky trash drop-off at the Public Works building. Bulky trash is for Riverdale Park residents only; proof of residency is required. Recycling of mixed paper and used motor oil is also available. Mixed paper includes cardboard, paperboard, phone books, magazines, computer paper etc.


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