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Riverdale Elementary School Book Fair

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By Ray Badders, PTA President

The Riverdale PTA is pleased to present our 3rd Annual Book Fair, to be held in the school cafeteria during the week of April 7 - 11. Since the hours of the book sale, 9:00 a.m.ö 4:00 p.m., are during instruction time, be sure to check in at the office when you arrive.

Besides bringing affordable, appropriate books to our school, another goal of our Book Fair is to increase our classroom libraries. You can help spread the joy of reading by purchasing books on the Classroom Wish List, which allows you to donate books to any classroom you choose. Be sure to look for the Classroom Wish List display when you arrive.

Another way to help our neighborhood school is through the Community Sponsorship Program, whereby residents and local businesses can make book donations to our school year round. Whether you're buying books for your own children, grandchildren or an "adopted" classroom, your patronage will be greatly appreciated. For more information, contact me at 301-864-5722.


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