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Council Actions Summary for March 2003

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  • Passed Resolution 2003-CR-01, amending Section 3.04 of the Town Charter to make the maximum fine $1,000.

  • Tabled Resolution 2003-CR-02, the tax cap charter amendment, until March 31st Special Legislative Meeting. Residents are encouraged to attend this important session.

  • Introduced Resolution 2003-CR-03, "Charter Amendment on the Form of Government."

  • Introduced Resolution 2003-CR-04, "Non-Partisan Elections Charter Amendment."

  • Introduced Resolution 2003-OR-01, to amend several chapters relative to the new form of government.

  • Introduced Resolution 2003-OR-02, "during a snow emergency, vehicles are to be parked on the even-number side of the street to be consistent with the county requirements."

  • Introduced Resolution 2003-OR-03, "Ordinance Amendment Authorizing the Chief of Police to Promulgate Rules and Regulations for the Police Department."

  • Approved use of the Town logo in promotional materials for the Riverdale Park Jobs For Youth program, provided that the Town attorney approves the caveats.

  • Appropriated $2,500 from the Economic Development Trust Fund for printing costs for the Jobs For Youth program.

  • Directed the Town to send a letter to Delegate Healy opposing the abolishment of historic tax credits for businesses. (re: HB341 - "MD Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit Termination" - regarding repeal of the Historic Tax Credit).

  • Approved repayment of former Councilmember Cynthia Blaschke's $1,789.05 in salary donations that were not expensed to the town. Passed 4 - 0 - 1. CM C. Davis abstained.

  • Approved a motion to replace Jack Jones, 4715 Rittenhouse St (for Jenna Gallop) as the Ward 1 Elections Judge, and to appoint Alice Ewen-Walker, 4705 Oliver St as the Ward 1 Alternate Judge, and Alan Thompson, 4711 Sheridan St as the Ward 1 Appeals Judge.

  • Approved December 2, 2002 Regular Legislative Meeting minutes.

  • Deferred approval of February 3, 2003 Regular Legislative Meeting minutes until the April meeting.

  • Approved February 13, 2003 Special Legislative Session minutes.


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