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Fair Summary of Emergency Ordinances Passed June 9th 2003

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Resolution 2003-OR-4: Resolution increases the Town of Riverdale Park building permit fee to ¾ of the fee charged by the county. The fee for any permit shall not be less than $25.

Resolution 2003-OR-5: Resolution increases the residential single-family inspection fee to $200 and the daily late fee to $10.

Resolution 2003-OR-6: Resolution sets a fee of $50 for single-family residential inspection appointments that are missed or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice. Each additional appointment not kept shall result in a penalty fee of $100.

Resolution 2003-OR-7: Resolution allows the Mayor and Council to set the rate annually (not to exceed 20% of the previous year's tax rate) for tangible personal property tax.

Resolution 2003-OR-8: Resolution allows the Mayor and Council to levy a tax on all corporations owning operating property; the Town will determine the rate annually.

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