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What is the Community Affairs Committee?

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By Gerard F. Kiernan, Councilmember, Ward 5

Mayor Tiberio has appointed me to serve as Chair of the Community Affairs Committee. The other committee members are Councilmember Taylor of Ward 4 and Councilmember Webb of Ward 6. Traditionally, the Community Affairs Committee has overseen the activities of the Riverdale Park Recreation Board. I have a more universal view of the committee. I see it as being the liaison to any and all town organizations that operate under the government's umbrella, but that do not have a specific association to another Council committee. An example would be the Boy's and Girl's Club.

If you have an idea for a community activity or want to organize a project that benefits the people of our town, please contact one of the committee members or me. Our telephone numbers are listed in the masthead of the Town Crier. If you want to e-mail me, please send your message to

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