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Letter to the Editor for September 1999

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Dear Editor,

Recently (within the last two weeks) we received the "Guide to Park and Recreation Classes and Activities" from M-NCPPC. We were pleasantly surprised and pleased to see the various opportunities for recreation, education and cultural enrichment available to the citizens of Riverdale Park--for a very nominal fee. We just have to ask for them!

This seems a very viable alternative to the request by Councilmember Herman that we build a community center. We already strongly support the M-NCPPC with our tax dollars. Why not reap the benefits of those payments by utilizing what is currently available rather than spend further money to build yet another building? Let the surplus money remain surplus and available for emergencies.

Like Margaret Davila requested in the last issue of this newsletter, we too would like hear what other residents think about this matter.

Sincerely, George and Marty Pontes

George and Marty Pontes are residents of Ward 1.

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