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by Alan K. Thompson

Riverdale Park now has its own web site --

This site was created for three main reasons. The first is to advertise the town and its services to prospective residents and businesses. We know what a great town Riverdale Park is--now everyone else can too! The second reason was to provide information about the town to current residents and business owners and customers. If you want to know when the council meets, where to take your dry cleaning in town, what local civic groups you can become involved with, or a little about the history of the town, all of this is available. The third reason is to allow communication between residents and town government officials through electronic mail.

The web site has been created entirely by the volunteers (all town residents) making up the web site committee. The membership of the committee has changed a bit since the initial meetings in February of 1998, but our goal has always been the same--to create a high-quality web site for minimal cost.

About the Site

The site currently has around 120 pages on a wide variety of topics, with more being added every month. The pages are connected in a tree-like structure so you can find information quickly. At the top level (the trunk of the tree), there are eight branches, which I will describe below:

Overview: This page has links to every other page on the web site. If you are having trouble navigating the site structure, go to this page and with one click you can be at any other page on the site.

Recent Changes to the Site: This page keeps an updated list of what has recently been changed on the site. Once you've read the 120 pages on the site, you can come to this page and find what is new since your last visit.

Town Services & Contact Info: This branch has links to all of the pages about town government. If you want to find out who your council representative is, how to contact the town offices by phone, who to contact about a building permit, or what the town will pick up on heavy trash day, this is your section!

Information about Riverdale Park: This part of the site provides information about Riverdale Park that is not so closely related to the town government. It has information on civic groups in town, businesses, schools, housing, parks, maps of the town, vision statements about the town, and political representation at the county, state, and federal levels.

Town History: This section has material on the history of the town, and on the Riversdale Plantation that was here before there was a town. There are currently sub-sections for the 1800s, 1900s, and by special arrangement we are reprinting articles from the Riversdale Newsletter on historical topics.

News and Events: This section is where you can find out about what's going on in town. An on-line version of The Riverdale Park Town Crier is there, including an expanding archive of past issues. We also have information on town-sponsored annual events, and a schedule of public hearings and elections. The calendar from The Town Crier, updated as new events are scheduled, is also in this section.

Related Links: This section has links to other web sites that may be of interest to town residents, but are not really part of the town. Right now we have links to the University of Maryland, the town of Hyattsville's web site, the State of Maryland, Prince George's County, and the Park & Planning Commission.

Search This Web Site: Finally, we have a full-featured search feature, in case you want to find the page that discusses George Washington's dentures, or any other topic, without reading through the entire site!

We hope you like the site, and we hope that if anything is missing or needs to be changed you will let us know.

Alan K. Thompson is a resident of Ward 1, co-chair of the Web Committee, and webmaster of the town's new web site. If you have questions or comments you can reach him via e-mail at or

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