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This section of the web site has links that may be of interest to town residents seeking services or information.

There are three links to other pages on this site. The Businesses page lists all businesses in town by category. Transportation has a wealth of information on public and private ways to get around. The Parks/MNCPPC page lets you find out more about recreational opportunities.

We link from these pages to other government pages as well. Among these links are a link to our neighbor city to the south, Hyattsville's Web Site, our parent county in Prince George's County, and various state agencies on the State of Maryland links page.

Our neighbor city to the north of Riverdale Park, College Park, contains the main campus of the University of Maryland. Because this university has such an impact on the businesses, cultural and recreational opportunities available to residents, we thought it necessary to include a link to their site.

CM David Hiles (Ward 2) is maintaining a list of town youth willing to help out with yard work, babysitting, etc.

Other interesting links are on the Other Links page.

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