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Holiday Safety Tips from the Riverdale Fire Department

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Burning candles require extra caution. Be sure you place candles in non-combustible containers, far away from other decorations or combustibles. Check lighted candles often and do not leave children alone in a room with burning candles. Under no circumstances is it safe to decorate Christmas trees with lighted candles!

Christmas trees need special attention. Choose a fresh tree and make sure the stand is weighted to keep it from tipping over. Do not place the tree near a heat source and water it frequently. In choosing an artificial tree be sure it is labeled fire-retardant. Be sure your light sets are marked laboratory tested and discard any sets with frayed or damaged cords or plugs.

Only use light sets marked for outdoor use on the exterior of your home. Remove those lights after the holidays or they will become unsafe for re-use through exposure to year-round weather.

Always unplug all lights when leaving home or going to sleep and do not overload your electrical outlets with multiple plugs.

The officers and members of the Riverdale Fire Department, Inc. offer sincere wishes to all residents for a safe and joyous holiday season. Remember that if you request, we will inspect your home for fire safety. Just call us at (301)883-7707.

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