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Council Actions for February 2001

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Following is a summary of council actions taken at the December 4 and January 2 regular legislative sessions and the December 11 and 26 special legislative sessions. Absences, abstentions and opposing votes are noted.

Regular Legislative Session December 4, 2000 (CMs Donaldson and Gross absent)

1. Opposed 7_ foot sideyard variance requested for 5007 Nicholson Street (Ward 3).

2. Approved installation of "no parking" signs on paper street on west side of NorthEast Branch at Riverdale Road (Ward 3).

3. Approved addition of $11,000 to 4700 block of Oglethorpe Street contract to construct sidewalks on north side (Ward 1).

4. Approved resolution of 2000-OR-3 to establish a Board of Trustees for operation of town's pension plan.

Special Legislative Session December 11, 2000

1. Approved joint letter of support with City of College Park in support of Litton Systems proposed plan for expansion.

Special Legislative Session December 26, 2000 (CM Davis absent)

1. Approved transfer of pension funds held by the Principal Financial Group to Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company at a lesser maintenance fee.

Regular Legislative Session January 2, 2001

1. Approved request for 6 foot fence at 4902 Sheridan Street (Ward 2).

2. Approved comments to Architectural Conservation Overlay zone bill for referral to County Council.

3. Approved posting of "no parking from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m." on the north side of Cleveland Avenue from Route 1 to include 5806 and 5808 Cleveland Avenue (Ward 4).

4. Approved hiring of outside counsel to advise Ethics Commission if requested (CM Donaldson and Scott opposed).

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