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Red Light Cameras

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By Paul Paczek

It has been over two years since the Riverdale Park Police Department implemented the first Automated Enforcement Program in Prince George's County. In that time, the police department has taken great strides in becoming one of the foremost authorities on this type of traffic enforcement.

Since June of 1999, the Automated Enforcement Division has issued over 9,700 citations. The use of red light cameras in Riverdale Park has resulted in a reduction in red light violations of over 60%. This violator-funded program has increased motorist awareness to traffic signals and has contributed to a change in driving behavior when approaching intersections.

New technologies are being developed to increase the effectiveness of the program as well as allow the department to enforce locations not available at the inception of the program. Enhancements in digital photography will help ensure that a greater number of those drivers who violate the law receive citations. As these new technologies are applied to traffic enforcement, the Riverdale Park Police Department will be at the forefront of implementing them to improve the quality of life for the residents that we serve.

As long as aggressive driving and other related traffic problems exist, the Riverdale Park Police Department will continue to explore new methods of traffic enforcement to ensure the safety of those who travel our streets. Any questions regarding the Red Light Program can be directed to the Automated Enforcement Division of the Riverdale Park Police Department between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Mr. Paczek is the Director of Information Services for the Riverdale Park Police Department.

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