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By Cynthia Blaschke

This has been a busy month with:

  • The storms we had during the first part of July brought down lots of tree limbs. The alley behind 54th Place was cleared and mowed by Public Works. Thanks for the great response.
  • The State Highway Administration was also very responsive to a request for services and began clearing and moving the median and rights-of-way on East West Highway between Kenilworth Avenue and Route 1 early on Saturday, July 14.
  • The requested light from PEPCO was installed on 51st Avenue on July 12.
  • Construction should be starting shortly on the 54th Avenue and Quesada extension.
  • If residents have any comments on the proposed redesign of the 51st Avenue and Somerset Road Pedestrian Access to the Riverdale Community Park, please contact me with your comments for MNCPPC as soon as possible. A work order request has been submitted for Option B. The work is scheduled to begin in August or September. Engineering drawings of the plan are available in the Town Hall.
  • Since three storm water management ponds are within the ward's boundaries, I am doing research on the best management practices for functional optimization and the reduction of algal growth in the ponds. These ponds can enhance the neighborhoods and provide habitat for wetland flora and fauna.

The Legislative Committee has drafted a resolution for a charter revision increasing the borrowing authority for Riverdale Park. This revision will enable the town to compete for available grant monies and pay for the improvements prior to reimbursement by federal, state, and county programs.

Since the 2000 Federal census is complete, we will be required to redraw ward boundaries prior to the next election. We have spent time reviewing the charter and code, town maps, and preliminary data for ward redistricting. We hope to receive the final block counts from the Census Bureau in the near future.

We have begun evaluating the annexation of commercial properties in Riverdale Park.

Congratulations are extended to Audrey Bragg, a new grandmother of twins, Olivia and Elizabeth.

Cynthia Blaschke is the Councilmember for Ward 2.

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