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Council Actions Taken March, 1999

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Following is a summary of council actions taken at the March 1 regular legislative session. Absences, abstentions, and opposing votes are noted.

Regular Legislative Session - March 1

1. Approved lease/purchase of vehicle for town office use (FY 99-00 budget).

2. Rejected petition submitted by Fire Department based on opinion of counsel that it violated state law. (CM Heinicke opposed).

3. Approved appointments for Wards 4 and 5 to Recreation Board: Tracy Toscano - Ward 4, Georgina Gomez - Ward 5.

4. Approved appointment of Judge of Election for Ward 6: Deborah McClellan and appointment of Election Appeal Board members: Ward 3 - William Clem, Ward 6 - Wendall Davis.

5. Tabled action on establishment of volunteer committee to address issues of tree census, tree maintenance, and tree forestation and reforestation.

6. Adopted 99-OR-1, Amendment to Town Code, Chapter 42, Licenses.

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