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by Paul Paczek

The Riverdale Park Police Department is a few steps closer to initiating it's Automated Enforcement Campaign against drivers who run red lights in the town. At the end of last year and the beginning of 1999, it was announced that the Police Department would install cameras to monitor certain intersections.

The selected intersections were chosen based on traffic accident and citation data. They are:

  • S/Bound Kenilworth Ave at Good Luck Road

  • N/Bound Kenilworth Ave at Good Luck Road

  • N/Bound Kenilworth Ave at East-West Highway

  • S/Bound Kenilworth Ave at East-West Highway

  • E/Bound East-West Highway at Taylor Road

  • W/Bound East-West Highway at Taylor Road

The first two cameras are scheduled for installation in early April. The remaining four cameras will be installed by early May. The following are highlights of the law that governs the use of red-light cameras:

  1. The citation mailed to the violator is a Civil Violation and NOT a Moving Violation. This means that the registered owner of the vehicle is the one liable for the citation, not necessarily the driver at the time the violation occurred.

  2. The registered owner will not be assessed any points on their driver's license.

  3. The registered owner's insurance premiums will not be raised due to the violation.

  4. The fine amount is $75.00 (compared to $120 for a moving citation issued by a police officer).

  5. The violator may either pay the citation or request a court hearing.

Questions regarding the Automated Enforcement Initiative can be directed to the Riverdale Park Police Department at 301-927-4343 during normal business hours. Questions can also be forwarded via email at

(Paul Paczek is Director, Informational Services, Riverdale Park Police Department)

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