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Council Actions taken at June 7, June 21, June 22 and July 9, 1999, sessions

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§ Council Actions taken at June 7, June 21, June 22 and July 9, 1999, sessions
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Following is a summary of council actions taken at the June 7 and July 7 regular and June 21 and 22 special legislative sessions. Absences, abstentions, and opposing votes are noted.

Regular Legislative Session June 7

1. Appointment by Mayor of Mary Donaldson, Ward 2, as Vice-Chair of Council.

2. Appointment by Mayor of Committee Chairs and members:

    Finance: Mary Donaldson, Chair - Members: Christina Davis and Michael Herman.

    Public Safety: Christina Davis, Chair - Members: Mary Donaldson and Patricia Romero.

    Public Works: Patricia Romero, Chair - Members: Christina Davis and Mary Donaldson.

    Legislative: Michael Herman, Chair - Members: Deborah Gross and Guy Tiberio.

    Buildings & Grounds: Deborah Gross, Chair - Members: Michael Herman and Guy Tiberio.

    Community Affairs: Guy Tiberio, Chair - Members: Patricia Romero and Michael Herman.

3. Adopted tax rate for Fiscal Year 1999-2000 at $1.26 per $100 of assessed valuation.

4. Approved all-way Stop signs on Lafayette Avenue at Somerset and Ravenswood Road (Ward 1).

5. Approved No Parking on east side of Lafayette Avenue between Ravenswood and Somerset Roads (Ward 1).

6. Approved No Parking on west side of Lafayette Avenue from Tuckerman Street to the end (NOAA building) (Ward 1).

7. Tabled a request for a 6-foot fence at 5009 Oglethorpe Street (Ward 3).

8. Approved request for block party in the 4700 block of Nicholson Street (Ward 1).

9. Approved a resolution to the County Council regarding animal overpopulation and the need for funding to provide breeding and adoption education

Special Legislative Session June 21

1. Approved reconciliation of the 1998-99 budget in accordance with requirements of the town charter.

2. Selected auditing firm of Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell as auditor for FY 98-99, 99-00, 00-01.

3. Motion to pass 1999-00 budget, with amendments, failed. CM Donaldson, Romero, Davis voted in favor. CM Herman, Tiberio and Gross abstained.

Special Legislative Session June 22

1. Adopted 1999-00 budget, with amendments. CM Herman, Davis, Tiberio, Gross and Romero in favor - CM Donaldson opposed.

Regular Legislative Session July 7

1. Appointed members of Recreation Board for two-year term: Margaret King, Chair, Richard Schnurr and Christie Davila, at-large, Ward 1 - Cecilia Salvador, Ward 2 - Paulette Donaldson, Ward 3 - Teresa Heinicke, Ward 4 - Tracey Toscano, Ward 5 - Kimberly Irby-Shahid, Ward 6 - Patricia Romero.

2. Approved request for block party in the 6200 block of 43rd Street (Ward 4).

3. Approved request for screening fence at Solid Rock Church - 5401 Good Luck Road (Ward 2).

4. Approved Resolution 99-R-3 establishing a Tree Committee to develop a Town Tree census.

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