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Standards for Proper Animal Shelters

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by Code Enforcement

All animals kept outdoors for extended periods of time must have access to a weatherproof shelter of adequate size for the animal. The animal must be able to stand to its full height, turn around, stretch out and make normal postural movements.

In cases where there is no artificial heat source, shelters must be small enough to allow the animal to maintain its body heat and warm the interior of the structure.

Structures must be windproof and rainproof. A weatherproof shelter must be solid construction with no cracks or openings other than the entrance. Rainproof openings for ventilation are acceptable in hot weather.

Between November 1 and March 30 and in inclement weather, "weatherproof" shall mean a structure of no less than four sides, a roof and a floor.

The shelter must have a solid floor and be raised 2 to 4 inches from the ground. In inclement weather, the entrance must be protected by a flexible doorflap, baffle or self-closing door.

Between November 1 and March 30 non-absorbent bedding, such as straw or wood chips must be provided. Bedding must be kept dry.

All animals must have access to shade from the sun.

No shelter may have metal surfaces.

Failure to provide adequate shelter for your pet may result in a fine. If you have any questions, call Riverdale Park Code Enforcement, 301-927-6381 or Prince George's County Animal Control, 301-499-8300.

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