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Update on Eckerd Drugs

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The Mayor and Council met with representatives of Eckerd on August 15. At that meeting, Eckerd was advised of the conditions required at the Route 1/East-West Highway location to conform to the 1993 revitalization plan.

The specific conditions are:

  • That the length of the building be along Route One,

  • That facade elements repeat those in the existing buildings in the 6200 block,

  • That parking to the rear of the building be developed as "shared" parking for use and movement to serve all businesses, and

  • That the narrow undeveloped strip of land on the north side be dedicated to the town for use as a "vest pocket" green-space park.

A letter from Eckerd responding to the conditions for development was received by the Mayor and Council on August 23. The letter raises issues Eckerd states they cannot meet and requests compromise. No response has been determined at the time of this writing.

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