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Letter to the Editor for September 2000

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Dear Editor:

Let me start by commending the Mayor, Council members, and Mr. Prangley on the recent agreement between the Town and GSA to resolve the parking and safety issues for the ballfield on Tuckerman Street. A solution at last. Thank you!

However, after the August 7 Town Meeting, I was disturbed with Mr. Herman and the representatives for the Boys and Girls Club and how they are still not satisfied, and how the Boys and Girls Club representatives felt slighted for not being included as an advisor to the town in the negotiations with GSA.

It seems to me, the Boys and Girls Club has lost sight of the fact that the "Field of Dreams" is not a permanent home for their organization. This was a loan from the Town. In the past few years, residents of the 4700 block of Tuckerman St. have had threats made to us on our properties, including statements Mr. Herman made in an article in the Gazette. Furthermore, these threats came from the parents and the "Adult Volunteers" of the Boys and Girls Club, not the children. The inconveniences to taxpaying homeowners on our block of Tuckerman include disabled residents unable to park in front of their homes (there are 3 disabled residents) or to unload groceries, etc.

In my opinion, the Boys and Girls Club should be grateful for the help this Town has given them.

Finally, I believe, the "Adult Volunteers" of the Boys and Girls Club should set a better example for the children, such as teaching them to give back to the community to show their appreciation for use of the ballfield, instead of constantly saying, "we want, we have to have, those people are unfair" and, lastly, "you must include us on an advisory level on all matters pertaining to the Field of Dreams."

Again, Mayor, Council, and Mr. Prangley, thank you for a job well done.

Debra Funkhouser
4701 Tuckerman Street

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