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Council Actions for October 2001

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Following is a summary of council actions taken at the September 4 regular legislative session and September 6 special legislative session. Absences, abstentions and opposing votes are noted.

Regular Legislative Session
September 4, 2001
(CM Tiberio, Almirez, and Scott absent.)

  1. Approved extended deadline for structural engineer estimates until September 14.
  2. Approved resolution for the Town History Center Archives.
  3. Approved fence request at 5411 Powhatan Rd., Ward 6.
  4. Approved fence request at 5906 Riverside Dr., Ward 3.
  5. Approved waiving cleanup invoice for Harrison Ave. lot, Ward 4.
  6. Reviewed cell tower request by Elks Lodge, Ward 2.
  7. Tabled until work session discussion of town acceptance of streets and sidewalks in Madison Hill, Ward 2.
  8. Awarded CDBG PY27 engineering contract to G&C Construction in the amount of $8,000.
  9. Selection of 6200 block of 44th Ave. as the primary project for CDBG PY28. Alternate projects are 47th Ave., Taylor Rd. and 54th and Patterson.
  10. Postponed approved of lease purchase agreement on police cruisers.
  11. Approved modified of the Riverdale Fire Department's lease.
  12. Approved resolution supporting Anacostia Trails Heritage Area Management Plan.
  13. Approved Patrick J. Prangley as Town Agent for Service of Process.
  14. Approved Chris Davis as temporary alternate Ward 4 representative of the Recreation Board.

Special Legislative Session
September 6, 2001
(CM Almirez absent.)

  1. Approved lease purchase of police cruisers.

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