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Mayor's Report for October 2001

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A Grieving Nation Stands Together

By Michael Herman

Words cannot describe the horror, pain and shear anguish all Americans shared on September 11 shortly before 9:00 a.m. It may be months before we fully know the number of people vanquished by this act of unprecedented terrorism that has touched each and everyone of us. Countless acts of heroism by nameless and selfless people, police and rescue personnel, some of who did not survive, assures us of the humanity we can always share. Our community joins a grieving nation and reaches out to survivors and family members of those injured or killed during these events. Several people in our community have been directly affected by this tragedy and my heart goes out to you.

As is true of what is the best about America, I was heartened by the actions of town residents who went to area clinics to donate blood and those who attempted to set up a blood donation center here. Such are the small acts that show we are one people, united, with a spirit not broken by these recent events. I was moved by these gestures and restored in my faith in people. Thank you.

As we struggle to accept the new challenges as the world changes before us, we as a community grieve. We grieve for the lost. We grieve for the families. We grieve for the brave heroes. We also grieve as a nation and hope that we as a community and a nation may grow from this to strengthen our resolve that inhumane acts are an affront to our collective humanity. No doubt, the world is a radically different place than it was before September 11.

In an effort to show our support for the injured and for the brave, the town will soon be posting American flags on public poles along our major thoroughfares. They will join the many flags already displayed by individual residents showing their solidarity in this difficult time. We will soon begin the process of setting up a blood donation center at Crescent Cities Center to help replace the already decimated blood supply. We will also soon be setting up a food donation drive in local shops to assist the Salvation Army in bringing necessary supplies to the rescue and recovery workers both here and in New York. While these may be small compared to the great need, the members of our community are eager to do their part. I urge you to heed the call when asked. I urge you to give to one of the many funds that have been set up to assist survivors and families of the fallen. Together, we will get through this and be a stronger nation and community.

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