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Inaugural Meeting of the Town History Center Committee

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By Susan McElrath

The Riverdale Park Town Council authorized the creation of the Riverdale Park Town History Center Committee at its September legislative session. This committee, to be initially chaired by Susan McElrath, will have as its mission the creation and management of a Town History Center documenting the history of the Town, its residents, organizations, and businesses. Town residents interested in this important project are invited to attend an organizing meeting to be held on Wednesday, October 17 at 8:00 p.m. in the Town Hall. In addition to discussing plans for the Center, meeting participants will tour the space designated for the History Center.

Residents who are interested in preserving the history of the Town, have library or archives experience, or who might have materials to donate to the History Center are encouraged to attend the planning meeting or to contact Susan McElrath at (301) 277-2085. The Committee's first task will be to prepare a mission statement for the History Center.

Susan McElrath is the chairperson of the Town History Center Committee.

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