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Heavy Trash October 2001

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Riverdale Park Public Works Dept. will not pickup the following items:

  1. Tree trunks and stumps

  2. Tree limbs, bamboo, shrubs - over 2 inches in diameter and 3 feet in length. All other tree limbs, bamboo, shrubs must be tied in bundles not over 15 lbs.

  3. Remodeling:
    a. Lumber - from demolition or replacement for a structure or component of a structure
    b. Roofing material - whole roof or part thereof
    c. Plaster, plasterboard and interior tile

  4. Chain link fence and poles

  5. Furniture in bulk

  6. Entire household - all personal property

  7. Air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers

  8. Lawnmowers or any other gas powered tool unless gas tank is removed

  9. Automobiles - including major components such as engine, radiator, fenders, doors, gas tank, etc.

  10. Tires

  11. Dirt, stone, gravel and sod

  12. Concrete block and brick

  13. Cement, concrete and bituminous pavement rubble

  14. Antifreeze and/or oil

  15. Road material

  16. Glass - windows, door panels, fish tanks, etc.

  17. Paint

  18. Hazardous materials and/or chemicals

  • Place your acceptable household bulky trash out by the curb between sundown on Wednesday and 7 a.m. on Thursday.

  • Metal will only be picked up on the third Wednesday of the month (the town will not accept refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, or any other appliances with freon).

  • Loose trash of any kind that may be scattered must be confined in containers or bundled.

  • Trash cans over 35 gallons will not be emptied (due to injuries to employees.)

  • Trash cans with loose food and garbage will not be emptied. All cans must use inserts to hold the trash.
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